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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Sessions for Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #38; Location: MCC, 202A

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1July 30th
1:00 pm
Vegetation Occurring in Passively Revegetated Constructed Wetlands Receiving Agricultural Drainage Waters in Northwest Ohio Ecological SectionPaperLuckeydoo, Lee.
2July 30th
1:15 pm
Introduction of the endangered pondberry (Lindera melissifolia [Walt.] Blume to new sites in MississippiEcological SectionPaperDevall, Margaret S., Schiff, Nathan M., Skojac, Stephanie A..
3July 30th
1:30 pm
The microhabitat of the federally endangered Dalea foliosa: implications for establishing new populationsEcological SectionPaperThompson, Jennifer N., Walck, Jeffrey L., Hidayati, Siti N..
4July 30th
1:45 pm
Demographic variation between scrub and roadside populations of Hypericum cumulicola, an endangered herb of the Lake Wales Ridge, FloridaEcological SectionPaperWeekley, C. W., Quintana-Ascencio, P. F., Menges, E. S..
5July 30th
2:00 pm
Variation in Persistence Probability Among Subpopulations for a Restored Illinois Population of the Federal Threatened Pitcher's Thistle (Cirsium pitcheri)Ecological SectionPaperBell, Timothy, Bowles, Marlin.
6July 30th
2:15 pm
The evolution of within-community land plant diversity over the PhanerozoicEcological SectionPaperSims, Hallie J., Stein, William E., Rees, Allister, Tiffney, Bruce H., Looy, Cindy V., Gensel, Patricia G., Wing, Scott L., Raymond, Anne, Wilf, Peter, Gastaldo, Robert A., Johnson, Kirk R., Alroy, John.
7July 30th
2:30 pm
Vegetation Classification of Killbuck Wildlife Area, Ohio, Using Multi-Seasonal Landsat TM ImageryEcological SectionPaperHuang, Mingjuan, Spencer, Lawrence J., Stricker, Nathaniel J., Wu, Changshan, Ramirez, J. Raul.
8July 30th
2:45 pm
Analyses of Richness, Diversity, and Similarity in Seven Xeric Limestone Prairies in the Interior Low Plateaus Physiographic Province in KentuckyEcological SectionPaperLawless, P.J., Baskin, J.M., Baskin, C.C..
9July 30th
3:00 pm
Does competition control the herbaceous diversity of longleaf pine savannas?Ecological SectionPaperRoth, Agatha Marie, Keddy, Paul, Campbell, Daniel, Dozer, Hallie, Montz, Glen.
10July 30th
3:15 pm
Effects of the flood of 1993 on Illinois River floodplain vegetation and its relationship to the threatened species, Boltonia decurrensEcological SectionPaperMettler-Cherry, Paige A., Smith, Marian.

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