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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #18; Location: MCC, 203A

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1July 29th
8:30 am
The origin and biogeography of the Hawaiian and South Pacific Ocean island endemic species of Plantago section PlantagoSystematics Section / ASPTPaperHoggard, Ronald K., Rønsted, Nina, Dunbar, Stephanie F., Kores, Paul J., Elisens, Wayne J..
2July 29th
8:45 am
Testing concordance of [phylo]genetic signal from crossing data and nuclear ITS sequence variation among climbing snapdragonsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperElisens, Wayne, Kores, Paul.
3July 29th
9:00 am
Progenitor-derivative speciation and hybridization in the serpentine endemic Synthyris cordata (Scrophulariaceae s.l.)Systematics Section / ASPTPaperSchenk, John J., Liston, Aaron.
4July 29th
9:15 am
Phytochrome evolution in parasitic OrobanchaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTPaperBennett, Jonathan, Mathews, Sarah.
5July 29th
9:30 am
The evolution and expression of rbcL in holoparasitic sister genera Harveya Hook. and Hyobanche L. (Orobanchaceae): expression of the large subunit of Rubisco despite the presence of pseudogenesSystematics Section / ASPTPaperRandle, Christopher P., Wolfe, Andrea D..
6July 29th
9:45 am
Patterns of evolution in Hyobanche L. (Orobanchaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTPaperWolfe, Andrea D., Randle, Christopher P., Arguedas, Nidia.
7July 29th
10:15 am
A new generic classification for Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPaperLohmann, Lucia.
8July 29th
10:30 am
Patterns of evolution in Neotropical Bignoniaceae: relationships within Crescentieae Systematics Section / ASPTPaperGrose, Susan O., Olmstead, Richard G..
9July 29th
10:45 am
Acantheae (Acanthaceae) with an emphasis on relationships among Old World plants with remarkable one-lipped corollasSystematics Section / ASPTPaperMcDade, L. A., Daniel, T. F., Kiel, C. A., Vollesen, K..
10July 29th
11:00 am
Phylogenetic relationships of tribe Coronanthereae (Gesneriaceae): evidence from multiple genesSystematics Section / ASPTPaperFunke, Mindie, Smith, James F..
11July 29th
11:15 am
Maximum information and minimum sequencing: resolving phylogenetic relationships among closely related species of Columnea (Gesneriaceae) using multiple genesSystematics Section / ASPTPaperDraper, Scottie B., Smith, James F..
12July 29th
11:30 am
Generic boundaries in the Gloxinieae (Gesneriaceae): tracking diversification and convergence in floral form with nuclear, chloroplast, and morphological cladistic data setsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperRoalson, Eric H., Skog, Laurence E., Boggan, John K., Zimmer, Elizabeth A..
13July 29th
11:45 am
Species diversity and phylogeography of the Atlantic-east-Pacific mangrove genus AvicenniaSystematics Section / ASPTPaperDodd, Richard S., Hernanz-Nettel, Alejandro, Afzal-Rafii, Zara.
14July 29th
12:00 pm
Molecular Phylogenies from Nuclear and Chloroplast Genes Support the Connection of the Macaronesian Genus Bystropogon (Lamiaceae) to the Radiation of the New World MentheaeSystematics Section / ASPTPaperTrusty, Jennifer L., Olmstead, Richard G., Bogler, David J., Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo, Francisco-Ortega, Javier.

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