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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #17; Location: MCC, 204B

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1July 29th
8:15 am
Hybrid watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum x M. sibiricum; Haloragaceae) populations: an invasive threat to North American lakes Ecological SectionPaperMoody, Michael L., Les, Donald H..
2July 29th
8:30 am
Grazing by wintering waterfowl on food plant Scirpus triqueter in a tidal mudflatEcological SectionPaperKIM, G. Y., LEE, C. W., PARK, S. B., JOO, G. J..
3July 29th
8:45 am
Testing life history theory in a phylogenetic context: the association of climate and habit in evening primroses (Oenothera, Onagraceae)Ecological SectionPaperEvans, M. E. K., Hahn, W. J., Hearn, D..
4July 29th
9:00 am
The effect of competition and physiological integration on fitness-related traits: A two-year study of Viola blandaEcological SectionPaperSudler, K. Nicole.
5July 29th
9:15 am
Effects of spatial heterogeneity on the Tragedy of the Commons response to competitionEcological SectionPaperO'Brien, Erin, Brown, Joel.
6July 29th
9:30 am
Patterns of plant and soil water relations along a cold desert ecotone: significant differences on a small ecological scaleEcological SectionPaperRosenthal, David, Stiller, Volker, Ludwig, Fulco, Donovan, Lisa.
7July 29th
10:15 am
Spikelet phenology and floral compatibility of sawgrass, Cladium jamaicense (Cyperaceae) in the south Florida EvergladesEcological SectionPaperSnyder, Jenise M., Richards, Jennifer H..
8July 29th
10:30 am
Breeding System and Pollination of a Narrowly Endemic Herb of the Lower Florida Keys: Impacts of the Urban Wildland InterfaceEcological SectionPaperLiu, Hong, Koptur, Suzanne.
9July 29th
10:45 am
Behavior and pollination efficiency of flower visitors of Pitcairnia Angustifolia (Bromeliaceae).Ecological SectionPaperFumero-Caban, Jose J., Melendez-Ackerman, Elvia.
10July 29th
11:00 am
Comparative seed ecophysiology of four closely-related Aristolochia species: a test of two hypotheses on changes in ecological and physiological requirements and tolerances in plant lineagesEcological SectionPaperAdams, Christopher A., Baskin, Jerry M., Baskin, Carol C..
11July 29th
11:15 am
Effects of an Seedling Predator of Distribution of Rhizophora mangleEcological SectionPaperDevlin, Donna.

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