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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #13; Location: MCC, 203B

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1July 28th
1:45 pm
Biogeographic history and character evolution of Anaxagorea (Annonaceae) based on phylogenetic analyses of morphological characters and non-coding chloroplast regionsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperScharaschkin, Tanya.
2July 28th
2:00 pm
Phylogenetics of Calycanthaceae based on molecular and morphological data, with an emphasis on sequence heterogeneity of nrDNA ITS regionSystematics Section / ASPTPaperLi, Jianhua, Wen, Jun, Ledger, Jeremy, Ward, Tom, Del Tredici, Peter.
3July 28th
2:15 pm
Floral development and molecular phylogeny support the generic status of Tasmannia (Winteraceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPaperDoust, Andrew.
4July 28th
2:30 pm
Female gametophyte development in Illicium (Austrobaileyales) and the evolution of endosperm ploidy and genetic constitution in early angiosperms.Systematics Section / ASPTPaperWilliams, Joseph H., Friedman, William E..
5July 28th
2:45 pm
Revisiting phylogenetic relationships in Illicium: biogeographic implications for the position of New World taxaSystematics Section / ASPTPaperMorris, A. B., Gitzendanner, M. A., Soltis, D. E., Soltis, P. S..
6July 28th
3:15 pm
Phylogenetics and selfing in Boerhavia (Nyctaginaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPaperDouglas, Norman A, Manos, Paul S.
7July 28th
3:30 pm
Preliminary Cladistic Analysis of the Subtribe Froelichiinae (Amaranthaceae) based on Molecular and Morphological dataSystematics Section / ASPTPaperSanchez-del Pino, Ivonne, Flores Olvera, Hilda, Motley, Timothy J..
8July 28th
3:45 pm
Field observations and systematics of Talinella and Dendroportulaca (Portulacaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPaperApplequist, Wendy L..
9July 28th
4:00 pm
California as a Phylogenetic Sink for Portulacaceae DiversitySystematics Section / ASPTPaperHershkovitz, Mark.
10July 28th
4:15 pm
Phylogeny of the subfamily Cactoideae: A look at the epiphytic cacti based on sequence data from cpDNASystematics Section / ASPTPaperCota-Sanchez, Hugo.

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