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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #12; Location: MCC, 203A

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1July 28th
1:30 pm
Phylogeny and diversification of B-class genes in angiosperms: reconstructing a 250 million-year-old duplicationSystematics Section / ASPTPaperKim, Sangtae, Yoo, Mi-Jeong, Soltis, Pamela S., Albert, Victor A., Farris, James S., Zanis, Michael, Soltis, Douglas E..
2July 28th
1:45 pm
Phylogenetic utility and molecular evolution of chloroplast petD intron sequences in basal angiospermsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperL, Cornelia, Borsch, Thomas.
3July 28th
2:00 pm
Phylogenetic utility of fifteen noncoding cpDNA regions among major lineages of seed plantsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperShaw, Joey, Lickey, Edgar, Beck, John, Farmer, Susan, Liu, Wusheng, Miller, Jermey, Siripun, Kunsiri Chaw, Winder, Charles, Schilling, Edward, Small, Randall.
4July 28th
2:15 pm
The use of optimality criteria in DNA sequence alignment and its application in a new computer programSystematics Section / ASPTPaperNixon, Kevin C., Little, Damon P..
5July 28th
2:30 pm
Relative character-state space, amount of potential phylogenetic information, and heterogeneity of nucleotide and amino acid charactersSystematics Section / ASPTPaperSimmons, Mark P., Carr, Timothy G., O'Neill, Kevin.
6July 28th
2:45 pm
The Reliability of Apparent Overall Convergence in PhylogramsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperZander, Richard H..
7July 28th
3:15 pm
Mixed-model analysis for phylogeny estimation from multiple data setsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperKelchner, Scot A..
8July 28th
3:30 pm
Efficiently Resolving the Basal Clades of a Phylogenetic Tree Using Bayesian and Parsimony ApproachesSystematics Section / ASPTPaperSimmons, Mark P., Miya, Masaki.
9July 28th
3:45 pm
Phylogenetically structured databases: the future of bioinformaticsSystematics Section / ASPTPaperMishler, Brent D., Askay, Sean, Webb, Campbell, Ackerly, David, Moe, Richard, Markos, Staci.
10July 28th
4:00 pm
Documenting the Decline in Plant Collecting in the United States: Implications for Systematic and Floristic ResearchSystematics Section / ASPTPaperPrather, L. Alan, Alvarez-Fuentes, Orlando, Mayfield, Mark H., Ferguson, Carolyn J..

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