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6-1July 28th
10:45 am
Spectral Reflectance Measurements of Low Salinity on Three Seagrasses: Syringodium filiforme, Halodule wrightii, and Zostera marinaPhysiological SectionPaperThorhaug, Anitra, Berlyn, Graeme, Richardson, Andrew.
6-2July 28th
11:00 am
Crassulacean acid metabolism and survival of asexual propagules in the Texas desert rock outcrop succulent, Sedum wrightii (Crassulaceae)Physiological SectionPaperGravatt, Dennis A..
6-3July 28th
11:15 am
Carbonic anhydrase in Charophyceae and BryophytesPhysiological SectionPaperArancibia, Patricia, Graham, Linda.
14-1July 28th
2:00 pm
Phylogeny of Selaginellaceae based on molecular and morphological dataPteridological Section/AFSPaperKorall, Petra, Kenrick, Paul, Taylor, Wilson A..
14-2July 28th
2:15 pm
Phylogeny of Chinese Isoetes Species as Indicated by Chromosome Numbers and Nucleotide Sequences of the Nuclear Ribosomal ITS Region and Second Intron of a LEAFY HomologPteridological Section/AFSPaperTaylor, W. Carl, Lekschas, Angel R., Luebke, Neil T., Wang, Qing-Feng, Liu, Xing, Hoot, Sara B., Napier, Nancy.
14-3July 28th
2:30 pm
The sella and its derivatives in IsoetesPteridological Section/AFSPaperHickey, R. James, Budke, Jessica M..
14-4July 28th
2:45 pm
Comparative Morphology: Three Dimensional Rendering of the Glossopodiums of North American Isoetes LigulesPteridological Section/AFSPaperShaw, Shane, Hickey, R.James.
14-5July 28th
3:15 pm
Morphological characterization of North America's first octoploid IsoetesPteridological Section/AFSPaperBudke, Jessica M., Hickey, R. James, Heafner, Kerry D..
14-6July 28th
3:30 pm
Taxonomic and Systematic Studies of the Isoetes melanopoda Gay & Durieu Assemblage in Eastern North AmericaPteridological Section/AFSPaperHeafner, Kerry D., Hickey, R. James, Watson, Linda E..
23-1July 29th
9:15 am
Relationships between phytogeography of tree species and limestone topography in southern BelizeTropical Biology SectionPaperBrewer, S.W., Rejmanek, M., Webb, M.A.H., Fine, P.V.A.
23-2July 29th
9:30 am
Patterns of genetic and morphological variation in Heliconia bihai(Heliconiaceae) in the Lesser AntillesTropical Biology SectionPaperMelendez-Ackerman, Elvia, Kress, W. John, Rohena, Leyda, Toledo, Esther, Gitzendanner, Matthew, Soltis, Pam, Soltis, Douglas.
23-3July 29th
9:45 am
The evolution of white sand specialization in Protium (Burseraceae) in Amazonian forestsTropical Biology SectionPaperFine, Paul, Daly, Douglas, Villa M., F. Gorky.
23-4July 29th
10:15 am
Extreme reproductive dominance of the canopy palm Iriartea deltoidea in a tropical second-growth forestTropical Biology SectionPaperSezen, Uzay U., Chazdon, Robin L..
23-5July 29th
10:30 am
Phylogeny of Cordiaceae (Boraginales) inferred from ITS1 sequence dataTropical Biology SectionPaperGottschling, Marc, Weigend, Maximilian, Miller, James S., Hilger, Hartmut H..

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