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24-01MCC, Grand ballroomImpact of Ambient Ozone Levels on Lichen Flora in the Greater Cincinnati Area: Computer Analysis of Ambient Ozone ConcentrationsBryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPosterWashburn, Stephen J., Culley, Theresa M..
24-02MCC, Grand ballroomAdditional Records and Confirmations to the moss flora of OhioBryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPosterAtwood, John J., Chuey, Carl F..
24-03MCC, Grand BallroomThallus growth and branching of the lichen Ramalina stenosporaBryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPosterRushing, Ann E., Fowler, Tiffany B..
24-04MCC, Grand ballroomDetachment of Huperzia propagules: Letting go and leaving homePteridological Section/AFSPosterGola, Edyta, Jernstedt, Judy.
24-05MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogenetic relationships among species of Botrychium s.s. (Ophioglossaceae) based on three plastid DNA sequence data setsPteridological Section/AFSPosterHauk, Warren D., Kennedy, Larkin F., Hawke, Heather M..
24-06MCC, Grand ballroomEffect of Fungi on Rhizoid and Root Growth of the fern Ceratopteris richardii Pteridological Section/AFSPosterTowill, Leslie.
24-07MCC, Grand ballroomComplete nucleotide sequence of the chloroplast genome from a leptosporangiate fern, Adiantum capillus-veneris L.Pteridological Section/AFSPosterWolf, Paul G., Rowe, Carol A., Sinclair, Robert B., Hasebe, Mitsuyasu.
24-08MCC, Grand ballroomThe Aeroallergen Index and meteriological condition in the Texas PanhandleDevelopmental and Structural SectionPosterGHOSH, NABARUN, CAMACHO, RENE, SCHNIEDERJEN, ELIZABETH, SMITH, DON, SAADEH, C, GAYLOR, MICHAEL.
24-09MCC, Grand ballroomThe unusual role of the Dodder (Cuscuta pentagona) seedling rootDevelopmental and Structural SectionPosterSherman, Timothy D., Barger, T. Wayne, Hoffman, John C., Vaughn, Kevin C..
24-10MCC, Grand BallroomThe sequence of development of leaf propagules in Bryophyllum daigremontianumDevelopmental and Structural SectionPosterParsley, Larissa C., Rushing, Ann E..
24-100MCC, Grand ballroomThe Hypotensive effect of Cladophora fracta on ratRecent Topics PostersPosterZaidi, Mudassir.
24-101MCC, Grand ballroomHypoxia and Ethylene Effects on the Anatomy of Hydroponically Grown Maize RootsRecent Topics PostersPosterEnstone, Daryl, Peterson, Carol.
24-102MCC, Grand ballroomProgrammed cell death during leaf morphogenesis in the lace plant, Aponogeton madagascariensis.Recent Topics PostersPosterGunawardena, Arunika, Greenwood, John, Dengler, Nancy.
24-103MCC, Grand ballroomConfocal microscopy gives a unique view of sclereid structure.Recent Topics PostersPosterAngeles, Guillermo, Owens, Shirley, Owens, Shirley, Ewers, Frank W., Ewers, Frank W..
24-104MCC, Grand ballroomEstablishment and floral development of select native Illinois plants as alternative landscape perennialsRecent Topics PostersPosterClaerbout, Ann E., Coons, Janice M., Greenwood-DeLine, Lynze T..
24-105MCC, Grand ballroomEcological Consequences of Heteroblasty in the Florida Bromeliad Catopsis berteroniana (Bromeliaceae): Proposed Research Recent Topics PostersPosterGonsiska, Philip A..
24-106MCC, Grand ballroomChanges in riparian and marsh habitat patches within three discharge zones along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona, from 1965 to the presentRecent Topics PostersPosterRalston, Barbara E., Kaplinski, Matt, Schmidt, John C..
24-107MCC, Grand ballroomPalynological analysis of a Coon Creek sample from Union County, MississippiRecent Topics PostersPosterBaghai-Riding, Nina L., Kelley, Julie R., Swann, Charles T..
24-109MCC, Grand ballroomA Method for the Isolation of DNA from Field-Collected Rhododendron Leaves Suitable for Subsequent Genetic Evaluation Despite Infection with Fungal EndophytesRecent Topics PostersPosterFord, R. H., Humphries, R.J..
24-11MCC, Grand ballroomSystematic Leaf Anatomy in Bromeliaceae subfamily BromelioideaeDevelopmental and Structural SectionPosterSchmidt, Rachel E., Brown, Gregory K..
24-110MCC, Grand ballroomA Vascular Flora of the Owens Peak Eastern WatershedRecent Topics PostersPosterFraga, Naomi S..
24-111MCC, Grand ballroomThe origin and biogeography of the intercontinental desert disjunct species Plantago ovata (Plantaginaceae) in North America.Recent Topics PostersPosterMeyers, Stephen, Liston, Aaron.
24-112MCC, Grand ballroomBreadfruit (Artocarpus, Moraceae) Taxonomy and Species DelimationsRecent Topics PostersPosterZerega, Nyree J.C., Ragone, Diane, Motley, Timothy J..
24-113MCC, Grand ballroomDeveloping a phylogenetic framework for the Moraceae family based on plastid and nuclear sequence dataRecent Topics PostersPosterSwenson, Stephanie, Clement, Wendy, Zerega, Nyree J. C., Weiblen, George.
24-114MCC, Grand ballroomPreliminary Results on the Phylogeny and Systematics of the Neotropical Blueberry Disterigma (Ericaceae: Vaccinieae)Recent Topics PostersPosterPedraza, Paola, Motley, Timothy.
24-12MCC, Grand ballroomVegetative Propagation in Australian Tuberous and Pygmy Sundews (Drosera; Droseraceae)Developmental and Structural SectionPosterDarnowski, Douglas W, Lind, Sarah, McMahon, Megan, Bolden, Shauna.
24-13MCC, Grand BallroomMicrotubule dynamics in the charophycean alga Chaetosphaeridium (Charophyceae)Developmental and Structural SectionPosterDoty, Karen F., Betzelberger, Amy M., Cook, Martha E..
24-14MCC, Grand ballroomThe Petunia Inflorescence Pattern Results from Iterating Cycles of Axillary Meristem Initiation and Identity Developmental and Structural SectionPosterRuehle, Jon.
24-15MCC, Grand ballroomVisual data presentation techniques for the study of flower developmentDevelopmental and Structural SectionPosterKirchoff, Bruce K., Cangelosi, Ross.
24-16MCC, Grand ballroomAcalypha deamii: Distribution East of the Appalachians and Comparative Studies of Reproductive Anatomy Developmental and Structural SectionPosterTruman, Patricia A., Hayden, W. John.
24-17MCC, Grand BallroomMolecular Evolution of APETALA1 Homologs in PoaceaeDevelopmental and Structural SectionPosterSevener, Heather C, Kellogg, Elizabeth A, Schaal, Barbara A.
24-18MCC, Grand BallroomCell cycle sychronization in the male and female gametes of Nicotiana tabacumDevelopmental and Structural SectionPosterTian, Hui Qiao, Russell, Scott D., Yuan, Tong.
24-19MCC, Grand BallroomA long-term study on the reproductive biology of the endangered dioecious shrub Corema conradii (Empetraceae): Preliminary notes on post-fire seedling recruitmentEcological SectionPosterMartine, Christopher T., Lubertazzi, David, DuBrul, Andrew.
24-20MCC, Grand ballroomEffects of herbivory, nutrient addition, and disturbance in a reciprocal transplant study between an oligohaline and mesohaline marsh in southeastern LouisianaEcological SectionPosterKaller, Matthew, Hester, Mark.
24-21MCC, Grand ballroomHigh resolution GIS mapping of Solidago shortii (Asteraceae), a Kentucky endemic species Ecological SectionPostersmith, brent, calie, pat.
24-22MCC, Grand ballroomComparison of Physaria ludoviciana (Silvery Bladderpod) Populations Across Their RangeEcological SectionPosterClaerbout, A.E., Coons, J.M..
24-23MCC, Grand ballroomHerbivore Defense as an Explanation for Hyperaccumulation: Relative Heavy Metal Toxicity to Diamond Back Moth (Plutella xylostella)Ecological SectionPosterColeman, Christina, Boyd, Robert S., Eubanks, Micky.
24-24MCC, Grand BallroomChanges in leaf morphology and biomass allocation reflect soil nitrogen availability in a carnivorous plantEcological SectionPosterBoswell, Gantt.
24-25MCC, Grand BallroomHow do red, yeasty Pawpaw flowers attract their pollinators?Ecological SectionPosterLey, Courtney, Zjhra, Michelle, Raguso, Robert.
24-26MCC, Grand BallroomSex- and time-specific scent production in Pawpaw (Asimina triloba: Annonaceae) flowersEcological SectionPosterGoodrich, K.R., Zjhra, M.L., Raguso, R.A..
24-27MCC, Grand ballroomIndicators of phytodiversity in hyperspectral imagery of the Konza Prairie, KansasEcological SectionPosterCarter, Gregory A., Knapp, Alan K., Smith, Melinda D., Hoch, Greg, Anderson, Jim E..
24-28MCC, Grand ballroomResults of Louisiana Quillwort (Isoetes louisianensis) Monitoring on Camp Shelby Training Site, MSEcological SectionPosterYager, Lisa Y, Leonard, Steve.
24-29MCC, Grand ballroomNickel hyperaccumulation defends Streptanthus polygaloides (Brassicaceae) against an oligophagous herbivore Ecological SectionPosterJhee, Edward M., Boyd, Robert S., Eubanks, Micky D..
24-30MCC, Grand ballroomNectar Production in Clarkia unguiculata (Onagraceae) as affected by nutrient supplyEcological SectionPosterSmith-Huerta, Nancy L..
24-31MCC, Grand ballroomCharacteristics of floristics and vegetation of Yellow River Old Course Avian Nature Reserve in northern Henan, ChinaEcological SectionPosterZhang, Suli, Tu, Huibin, Li, Jianhua.
24-32MCC, Grand ballroomGenetic diversity of Bastardiopsis eggersii (Malvaceae), a rare Virgin Islands endemicEcological SectionPosterStanford, Alice M., Delsol, Timothy.
24-33MCC, Grand ballroomTrends in the abundance of cedar glade plants following prescribed burnEcological SectionPosterJohnson, Sandra L..
24-33aMCC, Grand ballroomFactors Affecting Seed Production by the Endangered Chaparral Shrub Fremontodendron californicum ssp. decumbens (Sterculiaceae)Ecological SectionPosterBoyd, Robert.
24-34MCC, Grand BallroomAllelopathic Effects of Artemisia lavandulaefoliaEcological SectionPosterKil, Bong-Seop, Yoo, Hyun-Gyeong, Kil, Ji-Hyun.
24-35MCC, Grand ballroomCombined Natural History Collections Web-accessible Database for New MexicoEcological SectionPosterFrazier, Christopher K., LOWREY, Timothy K..
24-36MCC, Grand ballroomEffects of post-hurricane sand-fencing and fertilizing restoration techniques on vegetation recovery along the Ft. Morgan Peninsula, AlabamaEcological SectionPosterMoffett, Jr., J. Mincy, Boyd, Robert S., Wooten, Michael C..
24-37MCC, Grand BallroomMicroscale spatial variability in brackish marsh vegetation and associated patchiness of sediment biogeochemistryEcological SectionPosterStribling, Judith, Cornwell, Jeffrey, Glahn, Olivia.
24-38MCC, Grand BallroomAssessing Aboveground Primary Productivity in Mississippi Gulf Coast Tidal Marshes by Remote SensingEcological SectionPosterWells, Tami, Carter, Gregory, Moncreiff, Cynthia, Caldwell, John.
24-39MCC, Grand BallroomLatitudinal variation in primary production and carbon stores in baldcypress swamps of the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain: a surrogate for global climate change prediction Ecological SectionPosterMiddleton, Beth, McKee, Karen.
24-40MCC, Grand BallroomCharacterization of the plant diet of introduced pigs and goats in Mona Island Reserve, Puerto RicoEcological SectionPosterSustache, Jose, Cortes, Carla, Olivero, Sofia, Melendez, Elvia, Aragon, Susan, Morales, Mariely, Fernandez, Denny, Garcia, Miguel.
24-41MCC, Grand BallroomLycopene extraction from freeze-dried tomatoesEconomic Botany SectionPosterMorningstar, Dawn, Perkins-Veazie, Penelope A., Rice, Stanley A..
24-42MCC, Grand BallroomTracing the cultural and botanical origins of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)Economic Botany SectionPosterChikarmane, Sona, Rehse, Tania, Pryer, Kathleen.
24-43MCC, Grand BallroomVariability of seed germination within and between populations of the Kentucky endemic, Short's goldenrod (Solidago shortii- Asteraceae). Genetics SectionPostercalie, patrick j, shackleford, christina.
24-44MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogenetic relationships of Citrullus (Cucurbitaceae) using DNA sequences from several coding and noncoding chloroplast DNA regions: implications for evolution of watermelonGenetics SectionPosterDane, Fenny, Lang, Ping.
24-45MCC, Grand BallroomThe Floral Genome Project: Comparative analysis of sequence and expression of florally ex-pressed genesGenetics SectionPosterdePamphilis, C., Ma, H., Soltis, D., Soltis, P., Carlson, J., Tanksley, S., Leebens-Mack, J., Farmerie, W., Frohlich, M., Field, D., Zahn, L., Kim, S., Buzgo, M., Kong, H., Arrington, J..
24-46MCC, Grand ballroomEffects of Liberty and bar-transgenic Rice Residue on Microorganisms and Activity of Soil EnzymeGenetics SectionPosterDuan, Faping, Fan, Shuguo, Li, Yuanqing, Liang, Chengye.
24-47MCC, Grand ballroomPoisonous Mechanism of Gulfosinate and Resistant Mechanism of bar-transgenic RiceGenetics SectionPosterDuan, Faping, Fan, Shuguo, Li, Yuanqing, Liang, Chengye.
24-48MCC, Grand ballroomStudies on Resistant Inheritance of bar-transgenic Rice and Expression of bar GeneGenetics SectionPosterDuan, Faping, Fan, Shuguo, Li, Yuanqing, Liang, Chengye.
24-49MCC, Grand BallroomGenomics of Polyamine Biosynthesis Genes in SoybeanGenetics SectionPosterEller, Michele, Knap, Halina.
24-50MCC, Grand ballroomDifferential Expression of Genes Regulated in Response to Abiotic-stress in SunflowerGenetics SectionPosterLiu, Xianan, Swire-Clark, Ginger, Baird, Wm. Vance.
24-51MCC, Grand ballroomIdentification of a novel gene, HaABRC5, up-regulated in response to drought, salinity and exogenous abscisic acid from Helianthus annuus (Asteraceae)Genetics SectionPosterLiu, Xianan, Baird, Wm. Vance.
24-52MCC, Grand ballroomMicrosatellite DNA variation in Iris hexagona WalterGenetics SectionPosterMeerow, Alan W., Gideon, Michael, Clayton, Jason R..
24-53MCC, Grand ballroomVarietal status of Chamaecyparis thyoides var. henryae supported by allozyme and morphological dataGenetics SectionPosterMylecraine, Kristin A., Kuser, John E., Zimmermann, George L., Smouse, Peter E., Struwe, Lena.
24-54MCC, Grand BallroomEcology and evolution of geothermally adapted Agrostis of North American and the Kamchatka PeninsulaGenetics SectionPosterTercek, Michael, Hauber, Donald, Darwin, Steven.
24-55MCC, Grand ballroomUltrastructure of the patinate miospore Cymbosporites echinatus from the Lower Devonian of Herefordshire, EnglandPaleobotanical SectionPosterJohnson, Timothy, Taylor, Wilson.
24-56MCC, Grand BallroomConifer cones from the Late Cretaceous Tar Heel Formation of the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina, USAPaleobotanical SectionPosterMickle, J. E..
24-57MCC, Grand ballroomLight Limitation and Seasonal Carbon Phenology of Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum)Physiological SectionPosterConstable, J.V.H., Peffer, B., Denicola, D..
24-58MCC, Grand ballroomRice ratoon tiller initiation and early establishment: Responses to exogenous hormone applicationsPhysiological SectionPosterTarpley, Lee, Kebrom, Tesfamichael H..
24-59MCC, Grand ballroomSerine, Threonine, Tyrosine and Histidine having opened functional reactive groups are Sophistical ReceptorsPhytochemical SectionPosterKurchii, B.A..
24-60MCC, Grand ballroomRare Plants of the Ione Formation in CaliforniaSystematics Section / ASPTPosterWard, N. Misa, Unger, Petra.
24-61MCC, Grand ballroomThe West Virginia Vascular Flora AtlasSystematics Section / ASPTPosterFord-Werntz, Donna, Harmon, Paul.
24-62MCC, Grand ballroomChallenges to Producing a Continental FloraSystematics Section / ASPTPosterZarucchi, James L., for the Flora of North America Editorial Committee, .
24-63MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogenetic relationships and molecular dating of the rare Saxifraga florulenta Moretti: Implications for biogeography and the evolution of monocarpySystematics Section / ASPTPosterConti, Elena, Arroyo, Karina, Rutschmann, Frank.
24-64MCC, Grand ballroomTesting the out-of-India dispersal of Crypteroniaceae by molecular datingSystematics Section / ASPTPosterRutschmann, Frank, Eriksson, Torsten, Conti, Elena.
24-65MCC, Grand ballroomEastern Asian-Eastern North American Floristic Disjunction-Rates of Molecular Evolution after IsolationSystematics Section / ASPTPosterZhang, Wenheng, Xiang, (Jenny) Qiu-Yun.
24-65aMCC, Grand BallroomMolecular phylogeny of Calciodinelloideae (Peridiniales, Dinoflagellata) inferred from ITS1, 5.8S, and ITS2 sequence dataSystematics Section / ASPTPosterGottschling, Marc, Plötner, Jörg, Willems, Helmut, Keupp, Helmut.
24-66MCC, Grand ballroomHorizontal gene transfer from flowering plants to GnetumSystematics Section / ASPTPosterWon, Hyosig, Renner, Susanne S..
24-67MCC, Grand ballroomIncongruence between three genomes in phylogenetic relationships within Picea (Pinaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTPosterArsenault, M., Presby-Germano, J., Klein, A., Wright, W., Campbell, C..
24-68MCC, Grand ballroomGeographic patterns within the North American Trillium erectum complex: evidence from DNA sequence and morphometric analysesSystematics Section / ASPTPosterMillam, Kendra C., Givnish, Thomas J., Patrick, Thomas S..
24-69MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogenetic relationships of TrilliaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTPosterFarmer, S.B..
24-70MCC, Grand ballroomMolecular Systematics of Phalaenopsis (Orchidaceae): a preliminary studySystematics Section / ASPTPosterJarrell, David, Hamed, Hossein.
24-71MCC, Grand ballroomTowards a Revision of Goodyera Section OtosepalumSystematics Section / ASPTPosterJuswara, L.S..
24-72MCC, Grand ballroomAnatomy of Polystachya (Epidendreae-Orchidaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPosterHeaney, J Michael.
24-73MCC, Grand ballroomMolecular Phylogenetics and Generic Concepts in the Maxillarieae (Orchidaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPosterWilliams, Norris H., Whitten, W. Mark.
24-74MCC, Grand ballroomMorphological data and phylogenetic analysis of Aechmea (Bromeliaceae subfamily Bromelioideae) - a first approximation. Systematics Section / ASPTPosterGelli de Faria, Ana Paula, Wendt, T, Brown, Gregory.
24-75MCC, Grand ballroomPopulation genetic structure and conservation genetics of wild rice Oryza rufipogon (Poaceae) as detected by polymorphic microsatellite lociSystematics Section / ASPTPosterGao, Lizhi.
24-76MCC, Grand ballroomComparisons of Microsatellite Variability and Population Genetic Structure of Two Endangered Wild Rice Species, Oryza rufipogon and O. officinalis, and Their Conservation ImplicationsSystematics Section / ASPTPosterGao, Lizhi.
24-77MCC, Grand ballroomLower Core-Eudicot Phylogeny Based on Combined Analysis of PISTILLATA, APETALA3, 18S rDNA, LEAFY, rbcL, and atpB SequencesSystematics Section / ASPTPosterWu, Cheng-Chiang, Kramer, Elena M., Watchel, Heather, Hu, Jer-Ming.
24-78MCC, Grand ballroomSystematics of the genus Weberbauerocereus Backeb. (Cactaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPosterArakaki, Monica, Panero, Jose L., Crozier, Bonnie.
24-79MCC, Grand ballroomWhat can Pereskia really tell us about early cactus evolution?Systematics Section / ASPTPosterEdwards, Erika J., Diaz, Miriam, Donoghue, Michael J..
24-80MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogeny and evolution of Polygonum sect. Persicaria (Polygonaceae) in eastern North AmericaSystematics Section / ASPTPosterKim, Sang-Tae, Sultan, Sonia E., Donoghue, Michael J..
24-81MCC, Grand ballroomMorphological and Molecular Patterns in the Old World species of Passiflora (Subgenus Decaloba Supersection Disemma)Systematics Section / ASPTPosterKrosnick, Shawn E., Freudenstein, John V..
24-82MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogeny of Cucurbitales inferred from seven chloroplast and mitochondrial lociSystematics Section / ASPTPosterZhang, Li-Bing, Renner, Susanne S..
24-83MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogeny of Castanea (Fagaceae) Based on Chloroplast Noncoding Sequence DataSystematics Section / ASPTPosterLang, Ping, Dane, Fenny.
24-84MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogeography of Rare California Bush Mallows (Malacothamnus: Malvaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPosterSlotta, T. A. B., Porter, D. M..
24-85MCC, Grand ballroomSystematics, Ecology and Hybridization Patterns of the genus Sphaeralcea (Malvaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTPosterDreher, Stephen E..
24-86MCC, Grand ballroomPolyploidy, biogeography and evolution of breeding systems in Primula sect. Aleuritia with special emphasis on an allotetraploid complex: an integrated phylogenetic, population genetic, and molecular cytogenetic approachSystematics Section / ASPTPosterGuggisberg, Alessia, Mast, Austin, Kelso, Sylvia, Conti, Elena.
24-87MCC, Grand ballroomFruit and seed morphology, germination and seedling behaviour of some taxa of Ipomoea L. (Convolvulaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPosterOGUNWENMO, K. Olusola.
24-88MCC, Grand ballroomComparative phytochemical analysis of Ipomoea triloba L. complex (Convolvulaceae) in NigeriaSystematics Section / ASPTPosterOGUNWENMO, K. Olusola, OBISANYA, A. Ibiriyike.
24-89MCC, Grand ballroomPollen Morphology of the StrobilanthineaeSystematics Section / ASPTPosterBennett, Jonathan, Scotland, Robert.
24-90MCC, Grand ballroomPreliminary phylogenetic analysis of the parasitic plant genus Alectra (Orobanchaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTPosterMorawetz, Jeffery J., Wolfe, Andrea D..
24-91MCC, Grand ballroomPhylogenetic Biogeography of Oreomyrrhis: a Trans-Pacific Distributed ApiaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTPosterChung, Kuo-fang, Schaal, Barbara A..
24-92MCC, Grand ballroomChromosomal evolution in AraliaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTPosterYi, Tingshuang, Wen, Jun.
24-93MCC, Grand ballroomMolecular systematics of the Caribbean sunflower genera Rhodogeron Griseb. and Sachsia Griseb.Systematics Section / ASPTPosterLiu, H, Trusty, J, Oviedo, R, Anderberg, A, Francisco-Ortega, J.
24-94MCC, Grand ballroomPreliminary results on the phylogeny of the Hinterhubera and Novenia groups (Hinterhuberinae: Asteraceae) based on ETS and ITS sequence dataSystematics Section / ASPTPosterKaraman, Vesna, Urbatsch, Lowell E..
24-95MCC, Grand ballroomA Collaboration in Teacher Education: Experimental Botany for TeachersTeaching SectionPosterKarpoff, Arnold J., Kemp, Andrew C..
24-96MCC, Grand ballroomA Floristic Inventory of Isla del Coco, Costa RicaTropical Biology SectionPosterTrusty, Jennifer L., Kesler, Herbert C., Francisco-Ortega, Javier.
24-97MCC, Grand ballroomEFFICACY OF VINCETOXICUM SOTCKSII AND ITS CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTSRecent Topics PostersPosterZaidi, Mudassir, Crow, Sydeny.
24-98MCC, Grand ballroomManipulating the responses of hybrid poplar (Populus x euramericana Clone OGY) to the abiotic stresses of cold and high copper.Recent Topics PostersPosterBaker, Stokes, Artus, Nancy, Muckenthaller, Joseph, Nowak, Chris, McClung, Heather, Herring, Kamara, Benedict, Angela, Thomas, John.
24-99MCC, Grand ballroomOrganization of a Stress-associated Locus in Soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr.Recent Topics PostersPosterNelsen, Naoma, Shipe, Emerson, Knap, Halina.

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