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24Lageniastrum macrosporae, the oldest fossil endophytic algaPaleobotanical SectionKrings, Michael, Grewing, Anke, Taylor, Thomas N., Galtier, Jean.
606100 Million-Year-Old Cytoplasmic MembranesPaleobotanical SectionWang, Xin, Dilcher, David.
66A cycad pollen cone from the Middle Triassic of AntarcticaPaleobotanical SectionKlavins, Sharon D., Taylor, Edith L., Taylor, Thomas N..
341A new fossil seedling from the Early Cretaceous of South America; unique, well-preserved and closely related to WelwitschiaPaleobotanical SectionRydin, Catarina, Mohr, Barbara, Friis, Else Marie.
18A reevaluation of the Late Triassic conifer Pseudohirmerella based on cones, associated leafy shoots and anatomically preserved wood from North AmericaPaleobotanical SectionAxsmith, Brian.
100Anatomically preserved tree fern sori from the lower Cretaceous of Vancouver Island Paleobotanical SectionSmith, Selena Y., Rothwell, Gar W., Stockey, Ruth A..
119Anatomically preserved vascular and nonvascular cryptogams from the Lower Cretaceous of western North AmericaPaleobotanical SectionRothwell, Gar, Stockey, Ruth.
340Anatomy of the cheirolepidiaceous pollen cone Classostrobus; a new species from the Jurassic of EnglandPaleobotanical SectionMapes, Gene, Rothwell, Gar, Hilton, Jason.
122Architecture , stature, and life cycle of primitive conifers from EuramericaPaleobotanical SectionHernandez-Castillo, G. R., Stockey, R. A., Rothwell, G. W..
613Conifer cones from the Late Cretaceous Tar Heel Formation of the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina, USAPaleobotanical SectionMickle, J. E..
553Contemplating PlatanaceaePaleobotanical SectionManchester, Steven R..
117Cretaceous tree fern radiations: new permineralized DicksoniaceaePaleobotanical SectionStockey, Ruth, Rothwell, Gar.
434Fungi with affinities to the Glomales in the Permian of AntarcticaPaleobotanical SectionGarcia-Massini, Juan L., Taylor, Thomas N..
643Gnetalean diversity during the Early Cretaceous of BrazilPaleobotanical SectionMohr, Dr. Barbara, Rydin, C., Friis, E. M..
62How to make a leaf? 400 million years of repeated developmental, physiological, and biochemical answers to the same evolutionary questionPaleobotanical SectionBoyce, C. Kevin, Zwieniecki, Maciej A., Holbrook, N. Michele.
605Implications of the Miocene flora of Alum Bluff, Liberty County, FloridaPaleobotanical SectionCorbett, Sarah L..
481Late Cretaceous Fossil Forests From South-Central New MexicoPaleobotanical SectionUpchurch, G.R., Mack, G.H., Wheeler, E.A..
142Late Early Carboniferous lycopsids of a warm temperate climate in Gondwana (Peru)Paleobotanical SectionStevanovic-Walls, Ivana M., Pfefferkorn, Hermann W., Alleman, Vera.
107New Plant Assemblages from the Late Oligocene Chilga Deposits of the Ethiopian Western PlateauPaleobotanical SectionPan, Aaron D., Jacobs, Bonnie F..
547Paleobiogeography of Cretaceous Macrofloras in Southern North AmericaPaleobotanical SectionBoucher, Lisa.
444Paleocene fruits with affinities to Actinidiaceae from the Almont and Beicegel Creek floras of North DakotaPaleobotanical SectionPigg, Kathleen B., DeVore, Melanie L., DeVore, Melanie L..
105Permineralized fruits of Lauraceae from the Middle Eocene Princeton chert, British ColumbiaPaleobotanical SectionLittle, Stefan A., Stockey, Ruth A..
537Permineralized seeds of Nymphaeaceae from the early Eocene of eastern ChinaPaleobotanical SectionChen, Judy, Manchester, Steve, Chen, Zhiduan.
554Phytogeographic implications of the fossil flora of the Green River FormationPaleobotanical SectionManchester, Steven R..
573Plant biostratigraphy, an artifactual taxonomy, and comparative floristics based on diversity estimatesPaleobotanical SectionKnaus, M. Jane.
315The Early Silurian Massanutten Sandstone of Virginia: an updated perspective on early terrestrial biotasPaleobotanical SectionTomescu, Alexandru Mihail Florian, Rothwell, Gar W..
114The Fayetteville Flora of Arkansas, USA: An Upper Mississippian (middle Chesterian/ lower Namurian A) Plant Fossil Assemblage with Permineralized and Compression RemainsPaleobotanical SectionDunn, Michael T..
370The ultrastructure and function of glandular trichomes in Sicana odorifera (Cucurbitaceae)Paleobotanical SectionKellogg, Derek, Taylor, Thomas, Krings, Michael.
135Ultrastructure of the patinate miospore Cymbosporites echinatus from the Lower Devonian of Herefordshire, EnglandPaleobotanical SectionJohnson, Timothy, Taylor, Wilson.
273Vegetational Heterogeneity in the Blue Creek mire of Early Pennsylvanian (Langsettian) age, NW Alabama Paleobotanical SectionStevanovic-Walls, Ivana M., Gastaldo, Robert A., Ware, William N..

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