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88Acalypha deamii: Distribution East of the Appalachians and Comparative Studies of Reproductive Anatomy Developmental and Structural SectionTruman, Patricia A., Hayden, W. John.
661Andromonoecy in Solanum palinacanthum: the emergence of new variation in patterns of staminate flower productionDevelopmental and Structural SectionRyerson, Kirsten C., Miller, Jill S., Diggle, Pamela K..
172Aspects of root development in GMO cotton and maizeDevelopmental and Structural SectionStiles, Jeffrey C., Wheat, Brian, Foong, Kin, Seago, James L. Jr..
59Biochemical and physiological innovation during the proliferation of vascular cell types Developmental and Structural SectionBoyce, C. Kevin, Cody, George D., Zwieniecki, Maciej A., Holbrook, N. Michele.
425Breaking down Dioecy: A morphological and developmental characterization of unisexual flower types in dioecious taxa Developmental and Structural SectionMitchell, Caroline H., Diggle, Pamela K..
552Cell cycle sychronization in the male and female gametes of Nicotiana tabacumDevelopmental and Structural SectionTian, Hui Qiao, Russell, Scott D., Yuan, Tong.
32Cucurbitales: floral structure and systematic relationshipsDevelopmental and Structural SectionMatthews, Merran L., Endress, Peter K..
516Female gametophyte development in Kadsura: implications for Schisandraceae, Austrobaileyales, and the early evolution of flowering plantsDevelopmental and Structural SectionFriedman, William E., Gallup, William N., Williams, Joseph H..
472Floral development and androecium structure of the Malvatheca clade (Malvaceae)Developmental and Structural Sectionvon Balthazar, Maria, Alverson, William S., Baum, David A..
379Floral MADS box genes and the evolution of dioecy by homeosis in dioecious meadow rues (Thalictrum, Ranunculaceae)Developmental and Structural SectionDi Stilio, Veronica S., Baum, David A., Kramer, Elena M..
489Floral size dimorphism in taxa with unisexual flowers: a search for underlying causesDevelopmental and Structural SectionDiggle, Pamela K., Miller, Jill S..
314Function of unreduced (diplosporous) ovules across generations in Erigeron (Asteraceae) - insights into the evolution of apomixisDevelopmental and Structural SectionNoyes, Richard D..
371Further studies of the enigmatic charophycean green alga Entransia fimbriata (Charophyceae)Developmental and Structural SectionCook, Martha E..
352Geometrical Relationships Specifying the Phyllotactic Pattern of Aquatic PlantsDevelopmental and Structural SectionKelly, Wanda, Cooke, Todd.
154Homology and evolution of subterranean perennation structures in Claytonia sect. Claytonia (Portulacaceae)Developmental and Structural SectionO'Quinn, Robin, Hufford, Larry.
601Microtubule dynamics in the charophycean alga Chaetosphaeridium (Charophyceae)Developmental and Structural SectionDoty, Karen F., Betzelberger, Amy M., Cook, Martha E..
622Molecular Evolution of APETALA1 Homologs in PoaceaeDevelopmental and Structural SectionSevener, Heather C, Kellogg, Elizabeth A, Schaal, Barbara A.
110Perianth development in Basal MonocotsDevelopmental and Structural SectionBuzgo, Matyas, Soltis, Douglas E., Soltis, Pamela S., Kim, Sangtae, Ma, Hong, Leebens-Mack, James, Hauser, Bernhard A., dePamphilis, Claude W..
146Perianth development in the family Aristolochiaceae (Piperales)Developmental and Structural SectionJaramillo, M. Alejandra, Kramer, Elena M..
642Pollen and anther development in Cabomba (Cabombaceae, Nymphaeales)Developmental and Structural SectionOsborn, Jeffrey M., Schwartz, Julie A., Gutman, Benjamin L., Melrose, Natalie A..
595Primary vascular pattern and expression of ATHB-8 in shoots of ArabidopsisDevelopmental and Structural SectionKang, Julie, Tang, John, Donnelly, Petra, Dengler, Nancy.
271Probing the determinate nature of erect shoots of PsilotumDevelopmental and Structural SectionChristianson, Michael L..
35Reproductive capacity in Alliaria petiolata Developmental and Structural SectionMikesell, Jan.
356Systematic Leaf Anatomy in Bromeliaceae subfamily BromelioideaeDevelopmental and Structural SectionSchmidt, Rachel E., Brown, Gregory K..
78The Aeroallergen Index and meteriological condition in the Texas PanhandleDevelopmental and Structural SectionGHOSH, NABARUN, CAMACHO, RENE, SCHNIEDERJEN, ELIZABETH, SMITH, DON, SAADEH, C, GAYLOR, MICHAEL.
563The marginal band, a new structural component of the developing dicot leafDevelopmental and Structural SectionKorn, Robert.
336The Petunia Inflorescence Pattern Results from Iterating Cycles of Axillary Meristem Initiation and Identity Developmental and Structural SectionRuehle, Jon.
476The sequence of development of leaf propagules in Bryophyllum daigremontianumDevelopmental and Structural SectionParsley, Larissa C., Rushing, Ann E..
33The soybean floral nectary: an interesting secretory gland with unique featuresDevelopmental and Structural SectionHorner, Harry T., Healy, Rosanne, Cervantes-Martinez, Teresa, Palmer, Reid G..
600The specialized vein pattern in C4 Flaveria species is not strongly developmentally canalizedDevelopmental and Structural SectionMcKown, Athena D, Dengler, Nancy G.
71The Structure and Occurence of Trilocular Ovaries within OrchidaceaeDevelopmental and Structural SectionCameron, Kenneth M..
83The unusual role of the Dodder (Cuscuta pentagona) seedling rootDevelopmental and Structural SectionSherman, Timothy D., Barger, T. Wayne, Hoffman, John C., Vaughn, Kevin C..
478Training techie tools for the anatomy trade: automated anatomy characterization using artificial neural netsDevelopmental and Structural SectionHearn, David, McDade, Lucinda.
306Vegetative Propagation in Australian Tuberous and Pygmy Sundews (Drosera; Droseraceae)Developmental and Structural SectionDarnowski, Douglas W, Lind, Sarah, McMahon, Megan, Bolden, Shauna.
156Visual data presentation techniques for the study of flower developmentDevelopmental and Structural SectionKirchoff, Bruce K., Cangelosi, Ross.

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