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108Phylogeny and biogeography of Hoffmannseggia (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae): A tale of many travels Systematics Section / ASPTSimpson, Beryl, Tate, Jennifer, Weeks, Andrea.
415CoxI intron evolution in Euphorbia s.l. (Euphorbiaceae s.s.)Systematics Section / ASPTWurdack, Kenneth J., Zimmer, Elizabeth A..
291Viburnum phylogeny, biogeography and character evolution Systematics Section / ASPTWinkworth, Richard C., Donoghue, Michael J..
72A Combined Nuclear and Plastid Gene Phylogeny of Smilax (Smilacaceae, Liliales)Systematics Section / ASPTCameron, Kenneth M., Fu, Chengxin.
483A new generic classification for Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTLohmann, Lucia.
212A phylogeny of legumes (Fabaceae) based on sequences of the plastid matK geneSystematics Section / ASPTWojciechowski, Martin F., Lavin, Matt, Sanderson, Michael J..
98A preliminary phylogenetic analysis of Piperaceae using chloroplast and nuclear genes: utility of the low copy nuclear PEPC intron within sections Enckeaand Arctottonia of PiperSystematics Section / ASPTStevens, Angela C., Funke, Mindie, Draper, Scottie B., Zadorozhny, Tatiana, Davidson, Christopher, Bornstein, Allan J., Smith, James F..
409A taxonomic analysis of Allium tricoccum s.l.Systematics Section / ASPTBell, Rachel A, Ford-Werntz, Donna I.
228Acantheae (Acanthaceae) with an emphasis on relationships among Old World plants with remarkable one-lipped corollasSystematics Section / ASPTMcDade, L. A., Daniel, T. F., Kiel, C. A., Vollesen, K..
25AFLP phylogeny of wild tomatoes (Solanum L. section Lycopersicon [Mill.] Wettst. subsection Lycopersicon)Systematics Section / ASPTSpooner, David, Peralta, Iris, Knapp, Sandra.
383Anatomy and molecular systematics of leafless Vandeae (Orchidaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTCarlsward, Barbara.
540Anatomy of Polystachya (Epidendreae-Orchidaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTHeaney, J Michael.
550Andromonoecy and self compatibility in the rare endemic Echeandia texensis (Liliaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTMaher, Shelly D., Hempel, Alice L..
29Appendages do matter: The phylogeny, evolution, and classification of the genus Globba and tribe Globbeae (Zingibraceae)Systematics Section / ASPTWilliams, Kyle J., Kress, W. John, Manos, Paul S..
210Are Aristolochiaceae monophyletic?Systematics Section / ASPTKelly, Lawrence M., González, Favio.
510Biogeographic history and character evolution of Anaxagorea (Annonaceae) based on phylogenetic analyses of morphological characters and non-coding chloroplast regionsSystematics Section / ASPTScharaschkin, Tanya.
392California as a Phylogenetic Sink for Portulacaceae DiversitySystematics Section / ASPTHershkovitz, Mark.
410Challenges to Producing a Continental FloraSystematics Section / ASPTZarucchi, James L., for the Flora of North America Editorial Committee, .
214Characterization of anthocyanin regulatory gene in Cornus Systematics Section / ASPTFan, Chuanzhu, Xiang, (Jenny) Qiu-Yun.
477Characterizing molecular rate heterogeneity between two major lineages of filmy ferns (Hymenophyllaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTSchuettpelz, Eric, Pryer, Kathleen M..
571Chromosomal evolution in AraliaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTYi, Tingshuang, Wen, Jun.
84Classification and biogeography of New World grasses (Poaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPeterson, Paul M., Pennington, Susan J..
63Comparative phytochemical analysis of Ipomoea triloba L. complex (Convolvulaceae) in NigeriaSystematics Section / ASPTOGUNWENMO, K. Olusola, OBISANYA, A. Ibiriyike.
577Comparisons of Microsatellite Variability and Population Genetic Structure of Two Endangered Wild Rice Species, Oryza rufipogon and O. officinalis, and Their Conservation ImplicationsSystematics Section / ASPTGao, Lizhi.
531Cryptic diversity, peripatric speciation, and unequal rates of phenotypic evolution in an annual tarweed clade (Layia, Madiinae, Compositae)Systematics Section / ASPTBaldwin, Bruce G..
529Derived ferns diversified in the shadow of angiosperms: evidence from the fossil record, phylogenetic patterns, and divergence time estimatesSystematics Section / ASPTSchneider, Harald, Cranfill, Ray, Schuettpelz, Eric, Magallon, Susana, Pryer, Kathleen.
395Documenting the Decline in Plant Collecting in the United States: Implications for Systematic and Floristic ResearchSystematics Section / ASPTPrather, L. Alan, Alvarez-Fuentes, Orlando, Mayfield, Mark H., Ferguson, Carolyn J..
460Eastern Asian-Eastern North American Floristic Disjunction-Rates of Molecular Evolution after IsolationSystematics Section / ASPTZhang, Wenheng, Xiang, (Jenny) Qiu-Yun.
22Efficiently Resolving the Basal Clades of a Phylogenetic Tree Using Bayesian and Parsimony ApproachesSystematics Section / ASPTSimmons, Mark P., Miya, Masaki.
524Evolution of floral patten formation and mature floral structure in Hibbertia (Dilleniaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTHorn, James W..
149Evolutionary Relationships in the Evening Primrose Family (Onagraceae): Tribes Onagreae and EpilobieaeSystematics Section / ASPTLevin, Rachel, Wagner, Warren, Hoch, Peter, Hahn, William, Zimmer, Elizabeth, Sytsma, Kenneth.
513Expression patterns of the SEPALLATA gene Oryza sativa MADS1 (OSMADS1) across the PoaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTMalcomber, Simon, Kellogg, Elizabeth.
549Female gametophyte development in Illicium (Austrobaileyales) and the evolution of endosperm ploidy and genetic constitution in early angiosperms.Systematics Section / ASPTWilliams, Joseph H., Friedman, William E..
268Field observations and systematics of Talinella and Dendroportulaca (Portulacaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTApplequist, Wendy L..
618Floral development and molecular phylogeny support the generic status of Tasmannia (Winteraceae)Systematics Section / ASPTDoust, Andrew.
64Fruit and seed morphology, germination and seedling behaviour of some taxa of Ipomoea L. (Convolvulaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTOGUNWENMO, K. Olusola.
70Generic boundaries in the Gloxinieae (Gesneriaceae): tracking diversification and convergence in floral form with nuclear, chloroplast, and morphological cladistic data setsSystematics Section / ASPTRoalson, Eric H., Skog, Laurence E., Boggan, John K., Zimmer, Elizabeth A..
506Genetic Variability of an Extended Metapopulation of Solidago riddelliiSystematics Section / ASPTVanderpool, Staria, Davis, Linh.
559Geographic disjunctions, rapid radiations and species delimitations: insights from the ginseng genus (Panax L., Araliaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTWen, Jun, Lee, Chunghee, Zhou, Shiliang.
615Geographic patterns within the North American Trillium erectum complex: evidence from DNA sequence and morphometric analysesSystematics Section / ASPTMillam, Kendra C., Givnish, Thomas J., Patrick, Thomas S..
432Horizontal gene transfer from flowering plants to GnetumSystematics Section / ASPTWon, Hyosig, Renner, Susanne S..
347Hybrid origin of Stephanandra (Neillieae: Rosaceae) inferred from DNA sequencesSystematics Section / ASPTOh, Sang-Hun, Potter, Daniel.
594Incongruence between three genomes in phylogenetic relationships within Picea (Pinaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTArsenault, M., Presby-Germano, J., Klein, A., Wright, W., Campbell, C..
120Interspecific hybridization in Texas CeltisSystematics Section / ASPTWhittemore, Alan T..
143Leaves, acorns, and character variability in Quercus (Fagaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTJensen, Richard J., Tomlinson, Patricia T..
316Lower Core-Eudicot Phylogeny Based on Combined Analysis of PISTILLATA, APETALA3, 18S rDNA, LEAFY, rbcL, and atpB SequencesSystematics Section / ASPTWu, Cheng-Chiang, Kramer, Elena M., Watchel, Heather, Hu, Jer-Ming.
101Maximum information and minimum sequencing: resolving phylogenetic relationships among closely related species of Columnea (Gesneriaceae) using multiple genesSystematics Section / ASPTDraper, Scottie B., Smith, James F..
179Mixed-model analysis for phylogeny estimation from multiple data setsSystematics Section / ASPTKelchner, Scot A..
651Molecular Phylogenetics and Generic Concepts in the Maxillarieae (Orchidaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTWilliams, Norris H., Whitten, W. Mark.
295Molecular Phylogenetics of Palmae and Gondwanaland breakup.Systematics Section / ASPTHahn, William.
308Molecular Phylogenies from Nuclear and Chloroplast Genes Support the Connection of the Macaronesian Genus Bystropogon (Lamiaceae) to the Radiation of the New World MentheaeSystematics Section / ASPTTrusty, Jennifer L., Olmstead, Richard G., Bogler, David J., Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo, Francisco-Ortega, Javier.
320Molecular phylogeny of Calciodinelloideae (Peridiniales, Dinoflagellata) inferred from ITS1, 5.8S, and ITS2 sequence dataSystematics Section / ASPTGottschling, Marc, Plötner, Jörg, Willems, Helmut, Keupp, Helmut.
455Molecular Systematics of Phalaenopsis (Orchidaceae): a preliminary studySystematics Section / ASPTJarrell, David, Hamed, Hossein.
99Molecular systematics of the Caribbean sunflower genera Rhodogeron Griseb. and Sachsia Griseb.Systematics Section / ASPTLiu, H, Trusty, J, Oviedo, R, Anderberg, A, Francisco-Ortega, J.
541Molecular systematics of tribe Myodocarpeae (Araliaceae s.l.)Systematics Section / ASPTSprenkle, Taylor S., Plunkett, Gregory M., Lowry, Porter P..
648Morphological and Molecular Patterns in the Old World species of Passiflora (Subgenus Decaloba Supersection Disemma)Systematics Section / ASPTKrosnick, Shawn E., Freudenstein, John V..
61Morphological data and phylogenetic analysis of Aechmea (Bromeliaceae subfamily Bromelioideae) - a first approximation. Systematics Section / ASPTGelli de Faria, Ana Paula, Wendt, T, Brown, Gregory.
427Morphology, diversity, and phylogeny of Paloue, Elizabetha, and related caesalpinioid legumes from northeastern South America Systematics Section / ASPTRedden, Karen M., Herendeen, Patrick S..
544Multiple origins of asexual autopolyploids in Townsendia hookeri (Asteraceae) Systematics Section / ASPTThompson, Stacey L., Whitton, Jeannette.
103Natural selection on florally expressed developmental genes associated with transition between floral types in Lupinus (Fabaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTCronk, Quentin, Ree, Richard, Citerne, Helene.
429Patterns associated with rarity and endemism in the genus Draba from the Intermountain region of western North America, USASystematics Section / ASPTAllphin, Loreen, Windham, Michael D..
348Patterns of evolution in Hyobanche L. (Orobanchaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTWolfe, Andrea D., Randle, Christopher P., Arguedas, Nidia.
293Patterns of evolution in Neotropical Bignoniaceae: relationships within Crescentieae Systematics Section / ASPTGrose, Susan O., Olmstead, Richard G..
184Patterns of gene expression in a recent allopolyploid of recurrent origin: revisiting the Tragopogon systemSystematics Section / ASPTTate, Jennifer A., Scheen, Anne-Cathrine, Chen, Z. Jeffrey, Soltis, Douglas E., Soltis, Pamela S..
353Phylogenetic analysis of Kielmeyeroideae (Clusiaceae) based on ITS sequencesSystematics Section / ASPTNotis, Christine H., Judd, Walter S., Soltis, Douglas E., Soltis, Pamela S..
608Phylogenetic and ethnobotanical studies of Piper (Piperaceae) taxa from the South PacificSystematics Section / ASPTGarcia, Vicente.
532Phylogenetic Biogeography of Oreomyrrhis: a Trans-Pacific Distributed ApiaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTChung, Kuo-fang, Schaal, Barbara A..
129Phylogenetic relationships among the actinorhizal members of Rosaceae based on DNA sequences of three plastid and two nuclear regionsSystematics Section / ASPTVanden Heuvel, Brian, Potter, Daniel.
419Phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of Fuchsia (Onagraceae) based on nuclear ITS and chloroplast trnL-trnF and rpl16 dataSystematics Section / ASPTBerry, Paul E., Hahn, William J., Sytsma, Kenneth J., Hall, Jocelyn C., Mast, Austin.
55Phylogenetic relationships and molecular dating of the rare Saxifraga florulenta Moretti: Implications for biogeography and the evolution of monocarpySystematics Section / ASPTConti, Elena, Arroyo, Karina, Rutschmann, Frank.
87Phylogenetic relationships in Eleocharis (Cyperaceae): Evolutionary origins of the C4 photosynthetic pathway and patterns of morphological innovation associated with adaptation to specialized habitatsSystematics Section / ASPTRoalson, Eric H., Ku, Maurice S. B..
556Phylogenetic relationships of Brassaiopsis (Araliaceae) and morphological evolution based on DNA sequence data from two nuclear and two chloroplast regions Systematics Section / ASPTMitchell, Anthony, Lee, Chunghee, Wen, Jun.
345Phylogenetic relationships of Menziesia (Rhodoreae, Ericoideae, Ericaceae) based on nrITS and matK sequence data.Systematics Section / ASPTKron, Kathleen.
102Phylogenetic relationships of tribe Coronanthereae (Gesneriaceae): evidence from multiple genesSystematics Section / ASPTFunke, Mindie, Smith, James F..
16Phylogenetic relationships of TrilliaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTFarmer, S.B..
407Phylogenetic relationships within the Tetraplasandra Group (Araliaceae) revealed by Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms (AFLP) markersSystematics Section / ASPTCostello, Annemarie, Motley, Timothy.
148Phylogenetic utility and molecular evolution of chloroplast petD intron sequences in basal angiospermsSystematics Section / ASPTL, Cornelia, Borsch, Thomas.
422Phylogenetic utility of fifteen noncoding cpDNA regions among major lineages of seed plantsSystematics Section / ASPTShaw, Joey, Lickey, Edgar, Beck, John, Farmer, Susan, Liu, Wusheng, Miller, Jermey, Siripun, Kunsiri Chaw, Winder, Charles, Schilling, Edward, Small, Randall.
31Phylogenetic utility of two low-copy nuclear genes Systematics Section / ASPTSTONE, R. DOUGLAS, BALDWIN, BRUCE G..
640Phylogenetically structured databases: the future of bioinformaticsSystematics Section / ASPTMishler, Brent D., Askay, Sean, Webb, Campbell, Ackerly, David, Moe, Richard, Markos, Staci.
452Phylogenetics and selfing in Boerhavia (Nyctaginaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTDouglas, Norman A, Manos, Paul S.
387Phylogenetics of Calycanthaceae based on molecular and morphological data, with an emphasis on sequence heterogeneity of nrDNA ITS regionSystematics Section / ASPTLi, Jianhua, Wen, Jun, Ledger, Jeremy, Ward, Tom, Del Tredici, Peter.
518Phylogeny and classification of Pinus (Pinaceae) based on cpDNA sequencesSystematics Section / ASPTGernandt, David S., Geada L, Gretel, Liston, Aaron.
569Phylogeny and Disjunct Biogeography of Cornus Systematics Section / ASPTXiang, Qiu Yun, Thorne, Jeffrey, Seo, Tae-Kun, Thomas, David, Fan, Chuanzhu, Zhang, Wenheng.
508Phylogeny and Divergence Times of the Cornelian Cherries (Cornus subg. Cornus, Cornaceae) - Congruence Among Parsimony, Maximum Likelihood, and Bayesian Analyses, and Implications for Evolution and Biogeography Systematics Section / ASPTXiang, Qiuyun, Thomas, David, Zhang, Wenheng, Fan, Chuanzhu, Manchester, Steven R..
311Phylogeny and diversification of B-class genes in angiosperms: reconstructing a 250 million-year-old duplicationSystematics Section / ASPTKim, Sangtae, Yoo, Mi-Jeong, Soltis, Pamela S., Albert, Victor A., Farris, James S., Zanis, Michael, Soltis, Douglas E..
302Phylogeny and evolution of Polygonum sect. Persicaria (Polygonaceae) in eastern North AmericaSystematics Section / ASPTKim, Sang-Tae, Sultan, Sonia E., Donoghue, Michael J..
603Phylogeny and infrageneric classification of Symplocos (Symplocaceae) inferred from DNA sequence dataSystematics Section / ASPTFritsch, Peter W., Wang, Yuguo, Shi, Suhua, Almeda, Frank, Cruz, Boni C..
393Phylogeny and Pollen Evolution of Cantua (Polemoniaceae subfamily Cobaeoideae): Evidence from Chloroplast and Nuclear DNA Sequence DataSystematics Section / ASPTMonfils, Anna K., Prather, L. Alan.
289Phylogeny and systematics of Loasaceae subfamily LoasoideaeSystematics Section / ASPTHufford, Larry, McMahon, Michelle.
614Phylogeny of Castanea (Fagaceae) Based on Chloroplast Noncoding Sequence DataSystematics Section / ASPTLang, Ping, Dane, Fenny.
354Phylogeny of Hibiscus sect. Furcaria (Malvaceae) based on nuclear-encoded alcohol dehydrogenase sequencesSystematics Section / ASPTSmall, Randall, Lickey, Edgar.
453Phylogeny of Cucurbitales inferred from seven chloroplast and mitochondrial lociSystematics Section / ASPTZhang, Li-Bing, Renner, Susanne S..
564Phylogeny of early-diverging leptosporangiate ferns based on morphology and multiple genes: rbcL, atpB, rps4, and 18SSystematics Section / ASPTPryer, Kathleen, Schuettpelz, Eric, Cranfill, Ray, Wolf, Paul, Smith, Alan, Schneider, Harald.
377Phylogeny of Hawaiian and Pacific Hedyotis (Rubiaceae): Fruit Evolution and the Implications for Conservation and GenomicsSystematics Section / ASPTMotley, Timothy J..
473Phylogeny of the subfamily Cactoideae: A look at the epiphytic cacti based on sequence data from cpDNASystematics Section / ASPTCota-Sanchez, Hugo.
404Phylogeny, molecular dating, and biogeographic patterns of Core BrassicalesSystematics Section / ASPTHall, Jocelyn C., Sytsma, Kenneth J..
474Phylogeographical, ecological, micro-morphological, and molecular analysis of the species in the Asarum heterophyllum complexSystematics Section / ASPTPadgett, James, Murrell, Zack.
621Phylogeography of a Mesoamerican fruit tree (Spondias purpurea L., Anacardiaceae), based on chloroplast sequence dataSystematics Section / ASPTMiller, Allison, Schaal, Barbara.
496Phylogeography of Rare California Bush Mallows (Malacothamnus: Malvaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTSlotta, T. A. B., Porter, D. M..
487Phytochrome evolution in parasitic OrobanchaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTBennett, Jonathan, Mathews, Sarah.
15Phytogeographic survey of TrilliaceaeSystematics Section / ASPTFarmer, S. B..
423Pollen Morphology of the StrobilanthineaeSystematics Section / ASPTBennett, Jonathan, Scotland, Robert.
317Polyploidy, biogeography and evolution of breeding systems in Primula sect. Aleuritia with special emphasis on an allotetraploid complex: an integrated phylogenetic, population genetic, and molecular cytogenetic approachSystematics Section / ASPTGuggisberg, Alessia, Mast, Austin, Kelso, Sylvia, Conti, Elena.
578Population genetic structure and conservation genetics of wild rice Oryza rufipogon (Poaceae) as detected by polymorphic microsatellite lociSystematics Section / ASPTGao, Lizhi.
454Preliminary Cladistic Analysis of the Subtribe Froelichiinae (Amaranthaceae) based on Molecular and Morphological dataSystematics Section / ASPTSanchez-del Pino, Ivonne, Flores Olvera, Hilda, Motley, Timothy J..
400Preliminary documentation of hybridization between species of New World Cupressus (Cupressaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTLittle, Damon P..
17Preliminary phylogenetic analysis of the parasitic plant genus Alectra (Orobanchaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTMorawetz, Jeffery J., Wolfe, Andrea D..
435Preliminary results on the phylogeny of the Hinterhubera and Novenia groups (Hinterhuberinae: Asteraceae) based on ETS and ITS sequence dataSystematics Section / ASPTKaraman, Vesna, Urbatsch, Lowell E..
467Progenitor-derivative speciation and hybridization in the serpentine endemic Synthyris cordata (Scrophulariaceae s.l.)Systematics Section / ASPTSchenk, John J., Liston, Aaron.
645Rare Plants of the Ione Formation in CaliforniaSystematics Section / ASPTWard, N. Misa, Unger, Petra.
23Relative character-state space, amount of potential phylogenetic information, and heterogeneity of nucleotide and amino acid charactersSystematics Section / ASPTSimmons, Mark P., Carr, Timothy G., O'Neill, Kevin.
364Revisiting phylogenetic relationships in Illicium: biogeographic implications for the position of New World taxaSystematics Section / ASPTMorris, A. B., Gitzendanner, M. A., Soltis, D. E., Soltis, P. S..
637Species diversity and phylogeography of the Atlantic-east-Pacific mangrove genus AvicenniaSystematics Section / ASPTDodd, Richard S., Hernanz-Nettel, Alejandro, Afzal-Rafii, Zara.
367Species limits and phylogenetic relationships in Satyria sensu stricto (Vaccinieae, Ericaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTPowell, E. Ann, Kron, Kathleen A..
439Status of Boltonia asteroides complex (Asteraceae: Astereae)Systematics Section / ASPTKaraman, Vesna, Urbatsch, Lowell E..
624Subgeneric Division of Sisyrinchium (Iridaceae), a Western Hemisphere GenusSystematics Section / ASPTKarst, Lisa, Wilson, Carol.
287Systematics of the genus Weberbauerocereus Backeb. (Cactaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTArakaki, Monica, Panero, Jose L., Crozier, Bonnie.
280Systematics of the tribe Prockieae (Flacourtiaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTAlford, Mac H..
610Systematics, Ecology and Hybridization Patterns of the genus Sphaeralcea (Malvaceae) Systematics Section / ASPTDreher, Stephen E..
366Testing concordance of [phylo]genetic signal from crossing data and nuclear ITS sequence variation among climbing snapdragonsSystematics Section / ASPTElisens, Wayne, Kores, Paul.
51Testing the out-of-India dispersal of Crypteroniaceae by molecular datingSystematics Section / ASPTRutschmann, Frank, Eriksson, Torsten, Conti, Elena.
174The copperleaf conundrum: molecular and morphological data appear irreconcilable in Acalypha (Euphorbiaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTSteinmann, Victor, Levin, Geoffrey.
298The evolution and expression of rbcL in holoparasitic sister genera Harveya Hook. and Hyobanche L. (Orobanchaceae): expression of the large subunit of Rubisco despite the presence of pseudogenesSystematics Section / ASPTRandle, Christopher P., Wolfe, Andrea D..
123The first genetically confirmed intersubgeneric F1 hybrid in Nymphaea L. (Nymphaeaceae Salisb.)Systematics Section / ASPTLes, Donald H., Moody, Michael L., Doran, Andrew S., Philipps, William E..
180The origin and biogeography of the Hawaiian and South Pacific Ocean island endemic species of Plantago section PlantagoSystematics Section / ASPTHoggard, Ronald K., Rønsted, Nina, Dunbar, Stephanie F., Kores, Paul J., Elisens, Wayne J..
484The phylogenetic placement and evolutionary significance of the polyphyletic subfamily Hydrocotyloideae (Apiaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTChandler, Gregory, Plunkett, Gregory.
585The phylogenetic placement of polyploid Elymus species within the Triticeae (Poaceae), based on sequences from a nuclear beta-amylase geneSystematics Section / ASPTMason-Gamer, Roberta J., Helfgott, D. Megan.
388The phylogeny of Cocoeae (Arecaceae) with emphasis on Cocos nuciferaSystematics Section / ASPTGunn, Bee.
437The phylogeny of subtribe Scorzonerinae (Asteraceae) as inferred from ITS sequence dataSystematics Section / ASPTEdwards, Christine E., Mavrodiev, Evgeny V., Tancig, Mark, Albach, Dirk C., Soltis, Pamela S., Soltis, Douglas E..
68The Reliability of Apparent Overall Convergence in PhylogramsSystematics Section / ASPTZander, Richard H..
361The Systematics of Silphium (Asteraceae: Heliantheae): A Revision based upon Morphological and Molecular DataSystematics Section / ASPTClevinger, Jennifer A., Clevinger, Curtis C..
405The use of optimality criteria in DNA sequence alignment and its application in a new computer programSystematics Section / ASPTNixon, Kevin C., Little, Damon P..
416The West Virginia Vascular Flora AtlasSystematics Section / ASPTFord-Werntz, Donna, Harmon, Paul.
644Towards a Revision of Goodyera Section OtosepalumSystematics Section / ASPTJuswara, L.S..
494Variation of GBSSI and rpL16 in the Malacothamnus Alliance (Malvaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTSlotta, T. A. B., Porter, D. M..
527What can Pereskia really tell us about early cactus evolution?Systematics Section / ASPTEdwards, Erika J., Diaz, Miriam, Donoghue, Michael J..
272When in doubt, put it in the ... Salicaceae? Systematics of the Flacourtiaceae revisitedSystematics Section / ASPTAlford, Mac H..
436Where did the figs come from? Phylogenetic relationships in Moraceae based on ndhF and 26S sequencesSystematics Section / ASPTDatwyler, Shannon, Clement, Wendy, Swenson, Stephanie, Weiblen, George.

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