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312Comparative Morphology: Three Dimensional Rendering of the Glossopodiums of North American Isoetes LigulesPteridological Section/AFSShaw, Shane, Hickey, R.James.
56Complete nucleotide sequence of the chloroplast genome from a leptosporangiate fern, Adiantum capillus-veneris L.Pteridological Section/AFSWolf, Paul G., Rowe, Carol A., Sinclair, Robert B., Hasebe, Mitsuyasu.
567Detachment of Huperzia propagules: Letting go and leaving homePteridological Section/AFSGola, Edyta, Jernstedt, Judy.
632Effect of Fungi on Rhizoid and Root Growth of the fern Ceratopteris richardii Pteridological Section/AFSTowill, Leslie.
58Fern vegetative body is entirely developed from shoot apical meristemPteridological Section/AFSRomanova, Marina, Borisovskaya, Galina M..
590Genetic map-based analysis of paleopolyploidy in homosporous fernsPteridological Section/AFSNakazato, Takuya, Gastony, Gerald, Rieseberg, Loren.
151Induced apogamy in the PsilotaceaePteridological Section/AFSWhittier, Dean P..
512Microlepidopteran soral mimics in the CaribbeanPteridological Section/AFSBarker, Michael S., Shaw, Shane W., Hickey, R. James, Rawlins, John E..
220Molecular evidence for the phylogenetic placement of Asiatic Hemionitis arifolia (Pteridaceae)Pteridological Section/AFSRanker, Tom A., Geiger, Jennifer M. O..
593Molecular phylogenetics and systematics of Pellaea section Ormopteris (Pteridaceae subfamily Chelanthoideae)Pteridological Section/AFSBarbara', Thelma, Gastony, Gerald J..
321Morphological characterization of North America's first octoploid IsoetesPteridological Section/AFSBudke, Jessica M., Hickey, R. James, Heafner, Kerry D..
270Phylofloristics of the Hawaiian fern flora: preliminary studies on the origins of Hawaiian ferns and testing climate-based models of dispersalPteridological Section/AFSRanker, Tom A., Geiger, Jennifer M. O..
504Phylogenetic relationships among species of Botrychium s.s. (Ophioglossaceae) based on three plastid DNA sequence data setsPteridological Section/AFSHauk, Warren D., Kennedy, Larkin F., Hawke, Heather M..
171Phylogeny of Chinese Isoetes Species as Indicated by Chromosome Numbers and Nucleotide Sequences of the Nuclear Ribosomal ITS Region and Second Intron of a LEAFY HomologPteridological Section/AFSTaylor, W. Carl, Lekschas, Angel R., Luebke, Neil T., Wang, Qing-Feng, Liu, Xing, Hoot, Sara B., Napier, Nancy.
326Phylogeny of Selaginellaceae based on molecular and morphological dataPteridological Section/AFSKorall, Petra, Kenrick, Paul, Taylor, Wilson A..
433Reiterative lamina morphologies in AdiantopsisPteridological Section/AFSBarker, Michael S., Hickey, R. James.
288Taxonomic and Systematic Studies of the Isoetes melanopoda Gay & Durieu Assemblage in Eastern North AmericaPteridological Section/AFSHeafner, Kerry D., Hickey, R. James, Watson, Linda E..
133The relationship between the sperm cell architecture and the female sex organ of two leptosporangiate fernsPteridological Section/AFSLopez-Smith, Renee, Renzaglia, Karen.
292The sella and its derivatives in IsoetesPteridological Section/AFSHickey, R. James, Budke, Jessica M..
479Water balance in the gametophyte of Cheilanthes lanosa Pteridological Section/AFSDiamond, HL, Jones, HR, Swatzell, LJ.

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