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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #9; Location: MCC, 203B

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1July 28th
1:00 pm
Female gametophyte development in Kadsura: implications for Schisandraceae, Austrobaileyales, and the early evolution of flowering plantsDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperFriedman, William E., Gallup, William N., Williams, Joseph H..
2July 28th
1:15 pm
Pollen and anther development in Cabomba (Cabombaceae, Nymphaeales)Developmental and Structural SectionPaperOsborn, Jeffrey M., Schwartz, Julie A., Gutman, Benjamin L., Melrose, Natalie A..
3July 28th
1:30 pm
Floral development and androecium structure of the Malvatheca clade (Malvaceae)Developmental and Structural SectionPapervon Balthazar, Maria, Alverson, William S., Baum, David A..
4July 28th
1:45 pm
Cucurbitales: floral structure and systematic relationshipsDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperMatthews, Merran L., Endress, Peter K..
5July 28th
2:00 pm
Perianth development in Basal MonocotsDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperBuzgo, Matyas, Soltis, Douglas E., Soltis, Pamela S., Kim, Sangtae, Ma, Hong, Leebens-Mack, James, Hauser, Bernhard A., dePamphilis, Claude W..
6July 28th
2:30 pm
Perianth development in the family Aristolochiaceae (Piperales)Developmental and Structural SectionPaperJaramillo, M. Alejandra, Kramer, Elena M..
7July 28th
2:45 pm
The Structure and Occurence of Trilocular Ovaries within OrchidaceaeDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperCameron, Kenneth M..
8July 28th
3:00 pm
The soybean floral nectary: an interesting secretory gland with unique featuresDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperHorner, Harry T., Healy, Rosanne, Cervantes-Martinez, Teresa, Palmer, Reid G..
9July 28th
3:15 pm
Floral MADS box genes and the evolution of dioecy by homeosis in dioecious meadow rues (Thalictrum, Ranunculaceae)Developmental and Structural SectionPaperDi Stilio, Veronica S., Baum, David A., Kramer, Elena M..
10July 28th
3:45 pm
Breaking down Dioecy: A morphological and developmental characterization of unisexual flower types in dioecious taxa Developmental and Structural SectionPaperMitchell, Caroline H., Diggle, Pamela K..
11July 28th
4:00 pm
Floral size dimorphism in taxa with unisexual flowers: a search for underlying causesDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperDiggle, Pamela K., Miller, Jill S..
12July 28th
4:15 pm
Andromonoecy in Solanum palinacanthum: the emergence of new variation in patterns of staminate flower productionDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperRyerson, Kirsten C., Miller, Jill S., Diggle, Pamela K..
13July 28th
4:30 pm
Function of unreduced (diplosporous) ovules across generations in Erigeron (Asteraceae) - insights into the evolution of apomixisDevelopmental and Structural SectionPaperNoyes, Richard D..
15July 28th
4:45 pm
Reproductive capacity in Alliaria petiolata Developmental and Structural SectionPaperMikesell, Jan.

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