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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Sessions for Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #37; Location: MCC, 203B

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1July 30th
9:00 am
Rangewide allozyme variation in Atlantic white-cedar: Geographic patterns and implications for historical biogeographyGenetics SectionPaperMylecraine, Kristin A., Kuser, John E., Smouse, Peter E., Zimmermann, George L..
2July 30th
9:15 am
Microsatellite Polymorphism and Genetic Structure of a broad hybrid zone of Aesculus (Hippocastanaceae)Genetics SectionPaperXiang, (Jenny) Qiu-Yun, Thomas, David, Richardson_Ahedor, Adjoa, Williams, Charles F..
3July 30th
9:30 am
Evidence of introgression in the Broad Hybrid Zone of the Buckeye Genus Aesculus L. (Hippocastanaceae)Genetics SectionPaperRichardson-Ahedor, Adjoa, Williams, Charles F., Xiang, Qui-Yun J..
4July 30th
9:45 am
Genetic variation in Taeniatherum caput-medusae (Poaceae): amount and distribution of variabilityGenetics SectionPaperNovak, Stephen, Marsh, Dean, Deines, Lynell, Rausch, Joseph.
5July 30th
10:00 am
Genetic Variation in the Invasive Grass Taeniatherum caput-medusae (Poaceae): Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Analysis Genetics SectionPaperRausch, Joseph H., Novak, Stephen J., Smith, James F..
6July 30th
10:30 am
Conservation genetics of the endangered Cumberland stitchwort, Minuartia cumberlandensis (Caryophyllaceae)Genetics SectionPaperWinder, Charles.
7July 30th
10:45 am
Conservation and population genetics of the federally endangered species Asimina tetramera (Annonaceae)Genetics SectionPaperLoring, Heather A., Cox, Anne C., Gitzendanner, Matthew A., Soltis, Douglas E., Soltis, Pamela S..
8July 30th
11:00 am
Genetic, morphological and ecological variation within and between two Southern Utah endemics, Townsendia aprica and T. jonesii var. lutea (Asteraceae)Genetics SectionPaperJennings, Linda, Whitton, Jeanette.
9July 30th
11:15 am
A comparative study of population genetic variability in eight populations of the endangered vernal pool annual Lasthenia conjugens (Asteraceae)Genetics SectionPaperRamp, Jennifer M, Ranker, Tom A, Collinge, Sharon K.
10July 30th
11:30 am
Genetic diversity and mating type identification in Ziziphus celata (Rhamnaceae), a critically endangered Florida shrub speciesGenetics SectionPaperGitzendanner, M.A., Weekley, C.W., Menges, E.S., Soltis, D.E., Soltis, P.S..

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