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Sessions for Monday, July 28th, 2003
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Sessions for Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
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Session Detail for Session #32; Location: MCC, 202A

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1July 30th
8:00 am
Anti-herbivore defense in male and female bois-dEcological SectionPaperRice, Stanley A..
2July 30th
8:15 am
Effects of water depth on growth and biomass allocation in Eleocharis cellulosa Torr. Ecological SectionPaperLee, David W., Edwards, Adrienne L., Richards, Jennifer.
3July 30th
8:30 am
A comparative study of biomass allocation in seed- and ramet-derived plants of Cryptotaenia canadensis (Apiaceae): a monocarpic species of the North American temperate deciduous forestEcological SectionPaperHawkins, Tracy S., Baskin, Jerry M., Baskin, Carol C..
4July 30th
8:45 am
Genetic constraints on the evolution of dispersal are mediated by phenotypic plasticityEcological SectionPaperWender, Naomi J., Donohue, Kathleen, Polisetty, Chandra R..
5July 30th
9:00 am
The quantitative genetics of ecophysiological traits in the gynodioecious shrub, Schiedea salicaria (Caryophyllaceae)Ecological SectionPaperCulley, Theresa M., Dunbar-Wallis, Amy K., Sakai, Ann K., Weller, Stephen G., Campbell, Diane R..
6July 30th
9:15 am
Leaf shape, size and specific leaf area in the highly diverse South African genus, Pelargonium Ecological SectionPaperJones, Cynthia, Ryan, Nancy, Schlichting, Carl, Nicotra, Adrienne.
7July 30th
9:30 am
The effect of grazing on reproduction and population dynamics of the Mediterranean geophyte Anemone coronariaEcological SectionPaperNe, G., Schwartz, R., Perevolotsky, A..
8July 30th
10:00 am
Self-Incompatibility Systems and Effective Pollinators of Seven Understory Psychotria Species on Barro Colorado Island, PanamaEcological SectionPaperFaivre, Amy E..
9July 30th
10:15 am
Pollinators and their activity at flowers of Jacquemontia reclinata, an endangered morning glory of south Florida coastal strandEcological SectionPaperKoptur, Suzanne, Pinto-Torres, Elena.
10July 30th
10:30 am
Investigating the breeding system of an endangered coastal dune plant, Jacquemontia reclinata (Convolvulaceae)Ecological SectionPaperPinto-Torres, Elena, Koptur, Suzanne.
11July 30th
10:45 am
The effect of two environments on the fitness of Campanula plants that differ in their self-compatibility phenotypeEcological SectionPaperBrown, Sarah M., Stephenson, Andrew G..
12July 30th
11:00 am
Seed dormancy and germination of four Hawaiian montane lobelioid shrubsEcological SectionPaperBaskin, Carol C., Baskin, Jerry M., Yoshinaga, Alvin Y..
13July 30th
11:15 am
Physical dormancy in seeds of Dodonaea viscosa (Sapindales, Sapindaceae) from HawaiiEcological SectionPaperBaskin, Jerry M., Baskin, Carol C., Davis, Barbara H., Gleason, Sean M..

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