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6-1July 28th
10:45 am
MCC, 201ASpectral Reflectance Measurements of Low Salinity on Three Seagrasses: Syringodium filiforme, Halodule wrightii, and Zostera marinaPaperThorhaug, Anitra, Berlyn, Graeme, Richardson, Andrew.
6-2July 28th
11:00 am
MCC, 201ACrassulacean acid metabolism and survival of asexual propagules in the Texas desert rock outcrop succulent, Sedum wrightii (Crassulaceae)PaperGravatt, Dennis A..
6-3July 28th
11:15 am
MCC, 201ACarbonic anhydrase in Charophyceae and BryophytesPaperArancibia, Patricia, Graham, Linda.
24-57July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomLight Limitation and Seasonal Carbon Phenology of Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum)PosterConstable, J.V.H., Peffer, B., Denicola, D..
24-58July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomRice ratoon tiller initiation and early establishment: Responses to exogenous hormone applicationsPosterTarpley, Lee, Kebrom, Tesfamichael H..

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