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5-2July 28th
9:00 am
MCC, 202BAnatomically preserved tree fern sori from the lower Cretaceous of Vancouver Island PaperSmith, Selena Y., Rothwell, Gar W., Stockey, Ruth A..
5-3July 28th
9:15 am
MCC, 202B100 Million-Year-Old Cytoplasmic MembranesPaperWang, Xin, Dilcher, David.
5-4July 28th
9:30 am
MCC, 202BA new fossil seedling from the Early Cretaceous of South America; unique, well-preserved and closely related to WelwitschiaPaperRydin, Catarina, Mohr, Barbara, Friis, Else Marie.
5-5July 28th
9:45 am
MCC, 202BFungi with affinities to the Glomales in the Permian of AntarcticaPaperGarcia-Massini, Juan L., Taylor, Thomas N..
5-6July 28th
10:15 am
MCC, 202BPermineralized fruits of Lauraceae from the Middle Eocene Princeton chert, British ColumbiaPaperLittle, Stefan A., Stockey, Ruth A..
5-7July 28th
10:30 am
MCC, 202BPermineralized seeds of Nymphaeaceae from the early Eocene of eastern ChinaPaperChen, Judy, Manchester, Steve, Chen, Zhiduan.
5-8July 28th
10:45 am
MCC, 202BNew Plant Assemblages from the Late Oligocene Chilga Deposits of the Ethiopian Western PlateauPaperPan, Aaron D., Jacobs, Bonnie F..
5-9July 28th
11:00 am
MCC, 202BImplications of the Miocene flora of Alum Bluff, Liberty County, FloridaPaperCorbett, Sarah L..
5-10July 28th
11:15 am
MCC, 202BThe ultrastructure and function of glandular trichomes in Sicana odorifera (Cucurbitaceae)PaperKellogg, Derek, Taylor, Thomas, Krings, Michael.
10-1July 28th
1:00 pm
MCC, 202BThe Early Silurian Massanutten Sandstone of Virginia: an updated perspective on early terrestrial biotasPaperTomescu, Alexandru Mihail Florian, Rothwell, Gar W..
10-2July 28th
1:15 pm
MCC, 202BLate Early Carboniferous lycopsids of a warm temperate climate in Gondwana (Peru)PaperStevanovic-Walls, Ivana M., Pfefferkorn, Hermann W., Alleman, Vera.
10-3July 28th
1:30 pm
MCC, 202BVegetational Heterogeneity in the Blue Creek mire of Early Pennsylvanian (Langsettian) age, NW Alabama PaperStevanovic-Walls, Ivana M., Gastaldo, Robert A., Ware, William N..
10-4July 28th
1:45 pm
MCC, 202BArchitecture , stature, and life cycle of primitive conifers from EuramericaPaperHernandez-Castillo, G. R., Stockey, R. A., Rothwell, G. W..
10-5July 28th
2:15 pm
MCC, 202BPaleocene fruits with affinities to Actinidiaceae from the Almont and Beicegel Creek floras of North DakotaPaperPigg, Kathleen B., DeVore, Melanie L., DeVore, Melanie L..
10-6July 28th
2:30 pm
MCC, 202BContemplating PlatanaceaePaperManchester, Steven R..
10-7July 28th
2:45 pm
MCC, 202BPhytogeographic implications of the fossil flora of the Green River FormationPaperManchester, Steven R..
10-8July 28th
3:00 pm
MCC, 202BLate Cretaceous Fossil Forests From South-Central New MexicoPaperUpchurch, G.R., Mack, G.H., Wheeler, E.A..
22-1July 29th
9:00 am
MCC, 202BA cycad pollen cone from the Middle Triassic of AntarcticaPaperKlavins, Sharon D., Taylor, Edith L., Taylor, Thomas N..
22-2July 29th
9:15 am
MCC, 202BA reevaluation of the Late Triassic conifer Pseudohirmerella based on cones, associated leafy shoots and anatomically preserved wood from North AmericaPaperAxsmith, Brian.
22-3July 29th
9:30 am
MCC, 202BAnatomy of the cheirolepidiaceous pollen cone Classostrobus; a new species from the Jurassic of EnglandPaperMapes, Gene, Rothwell, Gar, Hilton, Jason.
22-4July 29th
9:45 am
MCC, 202BCretaceous tree fern radiations: new permineralized DicksoniaceaePaperStockey, Ruth, Rothwell, Gar.
22-5July 29th
10:15 am
MCC, 202BAnatomically preserved vascular and nonvascular cryptogams from the Lower Cretaceous of western North AmericaPaperRothwell, Gar, Stockey, Ruth.
22-6July 29th
10:30 am
MCC, 202BPaleobiogeography of Cretaceous Macrofloras in Southern North AmericaPaperBoucher, Lisa.
22-7July 29th
10:45 am
MCC, 202BGnetalean diversity during the Early Cretaceous of BrazilPaperMohr, Dr. Barbara, Rydin, C., Friis, E. M..
22-8July 29th
11:00 am
MCC, 202BThe Fayetteville Flora of Arkansas, USA: An Upper Mississippian (middle Chesterian/ lower Namurian A) Plant Fossil Assemblage with Permineralized and Compression RemainsPaperDunn, Michael T..
24-55July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomUltrastructure of the patinate miospore Cymbosporites echinatus from the Lower Devonian of Herefordshire, EnglandPosterJohnson, Timothy, Taylor, Wilson.
24-56July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand BallroomConifer cones from the Late Cretaceous Tar Heel Formation of the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North Carolina, USAPosterMickle, J. E..
28-1July 29th
2:00 pm
MCC, 203AHow to make a leaf? 400 million years of repeated developmental, physiological, and biochemical answers to the same evolutionary questionPaperBoyce, C. Kevin, Zwieniecki, Maciej A., Holbrook, N. Michele.
28-2July 29th
2:15 pm
MCC, 203ALageniastrum macrosporae, the oldest fossil endophytic algaPaperKrings, Michael, Grewing, Anke, Taylor, Thomas N., Galtier, Jean.
28-3July 29th
2:30 pm
MCC, 203APlant biostratigraphy, an artifactual taxonomy, and comparative floristics based on diversity estimatesPaperKnaus, M. Jane.

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