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9-1July 28th
1:00 pm
MCC, 203BFemale gametophyte development in Kadsura: implications for Schisandraceae, Austrobaileyales, and the early evolution of flowering plantsPaperFriedman, William E., Gallup, William N., Williams, Joseph H..
9-2July 28th
1:15 pm
MCC, 202APollen and anther development in Cabomba (Cabombaceae, Nymphaeales)PaperOsborn, Jeffrey M., Schwartz, Julie A., Gutman, Benjamin L., Melrose, Natalie A..
9-3July 28th
1:30 pm
MCC, 202AFloral development and androecium structure of the Malvatheca clade (Malvaceae)Papervon Balthazar, Maria, Alverson, William S., Baum, David A..
9-4July 28th
1:45 pm
MCC, 202ACucurbitales: floral structure and systematic relationshipsPaperMatthews, Merran L., Endress, Peter K..
9-5July 28th
2:00 pm
MCC, 202APerianth development in Basal MonocotsPaperBuzgo, Matyas, Soltis, Douglas E., Soltis, Pamela S., Kim, Sangtae, Ma, Hong, Leebens-Mack, James, Hauser, Bernhard A., dePamphilis, Claude W..
9-6July 28th
2:30 pm
MCC, 202APerianth development in the family Aristolochiaceae (Piperales)PaperJaramillo, M. Alejandra, Kramer, Elena M..
9-7July 28th
2:45 pm
MCC, 202AThe Structure and Occurence of Trilocular Ovaries within OrchidaceaePaperCameron, Kenneth M..
9-8July 28th
3:00 pm
MCC, 202AThe soybean floral nectary: an interesting secretory gland with unique featuresPaperHorner, Harry T., Healy, Rosanne, Cervantes-Martinez, Teresa, Palmer, Reid G..
9-9July 28th
3:15 pm
MCC, 202AFloral MADS box genes and the evolution of dioecy by homeosis in dioecious meadow rues (Thalictrum, Ranunculaceae)PaperDi Stilio, Veronica S., Baum, David A., Kramer, Elena M..
9-10July 28th
3:45 pm
MCC, 202ABreaking down Dioecy: A morphological and developmental characterization of unisexual flower types in dioecious taxa PaperMitchell, Caroline H., Diggle, Pamela K..
9-11July 28th
4:00 pm
MCC, 202AFloral size dimorphism in taxa with unisexual flowers: a search for underlying causesPaperDiggle, Pamela K., Miller, Jill S..
9-12July 28th
4:15 pm
MCC, 202AAndromonoecy in Solanum palinacanthum: the emergence of new variation in patterns of staminate flower productionPaperRyerson, Kirsten C., Miller, Jill S., Diggle, Pamela K..
9-13July 28th
4:30 pm
MCC, 202AFunction of unreduced (diplosporous) ovules across generations in Erigeron (Asteraceae) - insights into the evolution of apomixisPaperNoyes, Richard D..
9-15July 28th
4:45 pm
CancelledReproductive capacity in Alliaria petiolata PaperMikesell, Jan.
21-1July 29th
9:00 am
MCC, 202AAspects of root development in GMO cotton and maizePaperStiles, Jeffrey C., Wheat, Brian, Foong, Kin, Seago, James L. Jr..
21-2July 29th
9:15 am
MCC, 202AHomology and evolution of subterranean perennation structures in Claytonia sect. Claytonia (Portulacaceae)PaperO'Quinn, Robin, Hufford, Larry.
21-3July 29th
9:30 am
MCC, 202AProbing the determinate nature of erect shoots of PsilotumPaperChristianson, Michael L..
21-4July 29th
9:45 am
MCC, 202AGeometrical Relationships Specifying the Phyllotactic Pattern of Aquatic PlantsPaperKelly, Wanda, Cooke, Todd.
21-5July 29th
10:00 am
MCC, 202ABiochemical and physiological innovation during the proliferation of vascular cell types PaperBoyce, C. Kevin, Cody, George D., Zwieniecki, Maciej A., Holbrook, N. Michele.
21-6July 29th
10:30 am
MCC, 202APrimary vascular pattern and expression of ATHB-8 in shoots of ArabidopsisPaperKang, Julie, Tang, John, Donnelly, Petra, Dengler, Nancy.
21-7July 29th
10:45 am
MCC, 202AThe marginal band, a new structural component of the developing dicot leafPaperKorn, Robert.
21-8July 29th
11:00 am
MCC, 202ATraining techie tools for the anatomy trade: automated anatomy characterization using artificial neural netsPaperHearn, David, McDade, Lucinda.
21-9July 29th
11:15 am
MCC, 202AFurther studies of the enigmatic charophycean green alga Entransia fimbriata (Charophyceae)PaperCook, Martha E..
21-13July 29th
11:45 am
CancelledThe specialized vein pattern in C4 Flaveria species is not strongly developmentally canalizedPaperMcKown, Athena D, Dengler, Nancy G.
24-08July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomThe Aeroallergen Index and meteriological condition in the Texas PanhandlePosterGHOSH, NABARUN, CAMACHO, RENE, SCHNIEDERJEN, ELIZABETH, SMITH, DON, SAADEH, C, GAYLOR, MICHAEL.
24-09July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomThe unusual role of the Dodder (Cuscuta pentagona) seedling rootPosterSherman, Timothy D., Barger, T. Wayne, Hoffman, John C., Vaughn, Kevin C..
24-10July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand BallroomThe sequence of development of leaf propagules in Bryophyllum daigremontianumPosterParsley, Larissa C., Rushing, Ann E..
24-11July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomSystematic Leaf Anatomy in Bromeliaceae subfamily BromelioideaePosterSchmidt, Rachel E., Brown, Gregory K..
24-12July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomVegetative Propagation in Australian Tuberous and Pygmy Sundews (Drosera; Droseraceae)PosterDarnowski, Douglas W, Lind, Sarah, McMahon, Megan, Bolden, Shauna.
24-13July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand BallroomMicrotubule dynamics in the charophycean alga Chaetosphaeridium (Charophyceae)PosterDoty, Karen F., Betzelberger, Amy M., Cook, Martha E..
24-14July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomThe Petunia Inflorescence Pattern Results from Iterating Cycles of Axillary Meristem Initiation and Identity PosterRuehle, Jon.
24-15July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomVisual data presentation techniques for the study of flower developmentPosterKirchoff, Bruce K., Cangelosi, Ross.
24-16July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomAcalypha deamii: Distribution East of the Appalachians and Comparative Studies of Reproductive Anatomy PosterTruman, Patricia A., Hayden, W. John.
24-17July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand BallroomMolecular Evolution of APETALA1 Homologs in PoaceaePosterSevener, Heather C, Kellogg, Elizabeth A, Schaal, Barbara A.
24-18July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand BallroomCell cycle sychronization in the male and female gametes of Nicotiana tabacumPosterTian, Hui Qiao, Russell, Scott D., Yuan, Tong.

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