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Alpine plant biogeography on the large scale: Current stages and prospects
Dating in the 21st Century: Theory and reality in finding a date for your clade
Methods and myths about conducting research in botany education
Recent advances in restoration of aquatic and wetland habitats
Sex and individuality in lichens
Structural and functional adaptations of vascular plants to wetland ecosystems
Transgenic crops: Science, policy, politics
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33-1July 30th
8:15 am
MCC, 204BDating in the 21st Century: Theory and Reality in Finding a Date for your CladeSymposiumHerendeen, Patrick S., Crane, Peter R..
33-2July 30th
8:30 am
MCC, 204BEvaluating discordances between molecular and paleontological divergence timesSymposiumFoote, Michael.
33-3July 30th
9:00 am
MCC, 204BUsing fossil distributions to calibrate phylogeniesSymposiumLupia, Richard, Wagner, Peter J., Nowak, Michael D..
33-4July 30th
9:30 am
MCC, 204BIntegrating fossil taxa in phylogenetic analysis: examples from the angiosperm family JuglandaceaeSymposiumManos, PS, Manchester, SM, Soltis, PS, Stone, DE, Soltis, DE, Dilcher, DL.
33-5July 30th
10:15 am
MCC, 204BTying fossils to molecular phylogenies: examples from Cretaceous basal angiospermsSymposiumDoyle, James A..
33-6July 30th
10:45 am
MCC, 204BBayesian estimation of divergence timeSymposiumHuelsenbeck, John.
33-7July 30th
11:15 am
MCC, 204BTesting island biogeographic models with molecular dataSymposiumYoder, Anne D..
41-1July 30th
1:15 pm
MCC, 204BA comparison of five approaches to dating when data are not clock-likeSymposiumRenner, Susanne S..
41-2July 30th
1:45 pm
MCC, 204BEstimating the age of angiosperms using constraints from the fossil recordSymposiumMagallón, Susana, Sanderson, Michael.
41-3July 30th
2:15 pm
MCC, 204BAges of basal angiosperm clades: molecular and paleobotanical evidenceSymposiumSavolainen, Vincent, Crane, Peter, Soltis, Pamela, Soltis, Douglas.
41-4July 30th
3:00 pm
MCC, 204BInferring molecular age estimates in the birch family (Betulaceae) using multiple calibration points and minimum age constraintsSymposiumForest, Felix, Rutschmann, Frank, Crane, Peter R..
41-5July 30th
3:30 pm
MCC, 204BHigh latitude Tertiary migrations and Afroasian biogeography: Evidence from the tropical clade MalpighiaceaeSymposiumDavis, Charles, Bell, Charles, Mathews, Sarah.
41-6July 30th
4:00 pm
MCC, 204BTiming and patterns of diversification in papilionoid legumesSymposiumLavin, Matt, Wojciechowski, Martin F., Herendeen, Patrick, Sanderson, Michael J..

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