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11-1July 28th
1:30 pm
MCC, 201BThe liverwort genus MoerckiaPaperKinser, Abel J., Crandall-Stotler, Barbara J..
11-2July 28th
1:45 pm
MCC, 201BHabitat use by the sexes of a dioicious liverwort, Marchantia inflexaPaperFuselier, Linda, McLetchie, D.N..
11-3July 28th
2:00 pm
MCC, 201BAuxin Regulation of Axial Growth in Bryophyte Sporophytes: Its Potential Significance for the Evolution of Early Land PlantsPaperPoli, DorothyBelle, Jacobs, Mark, Cooke, Todd J..
11-4July 28th
2:30 pm
MCC, 201BAspects of the Morphology and Ultrastructure of the Sporophyte of Sphaerocarpos texanus AustinPaperJohnson, Eric, Schuette, Scott, Renzaglia, Karen.
11-5July 28th
2:45 pm
MCC, 201BReproductive patterns in the Syrrhopodon involutus complex: A case of the island syndrome in mossesPaperFisher, Kirsten M..
11-6July 28th
3:00 pm
MCC, 201BMolecular evolution of the achlorophyllous liverwort, Cryptothallus mirabilisPaperWickett, Norman J..
24-01July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomImpact of Ambient Ozone Levels on Lichen Flora in the Greater Cincinnati Area: Computer Analysis of Ambient Ozone ConcentrationsPosterWashburn, Stephen J., Culley, Theresa M..
24-02July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand ballroomAdditional Records and Confirmations to the moss flora of OhioPosterAtwood, John J., Chuey, Carl F..
24-03July 29th
12:30 pm
MCC, Grand BallroomThallus growth and branching of the lichen Ramalina stenosporaPosterRushing, Ann E., Fowler, Tiffany B..
30-1July 29th
2:30 pm
MCC, 201DA molecular phylogeny of the simple thalloid liverwort family Fossombroniaceae (Marchantiophyta) as inferred from the chloroplast genes rps4, trnL and rbcLPaperForrest, Laura L., Crandall-Stotler, Barbara J., Freire, A. Virginia.
30-2July 29th
2:45 pm
MCC, 201DCircumscription and affinities of the Sematophyllaceae (Bryophyta, Hypnales) based on multigenomic phylogenetic inferencesPaperGoffinet, B., Buck, W.R., Cox, C., Shaw, A.J., Wickett, N..
30-3July 29th
3:00 pm
MCC, 201DSporophyte anatomy and systematic relationships of Xenothallus vulcanicolus R. M. SchustPaperCrandall-Stotler, Barbara.
30-4July 29th
3:30 pm
MCC, 201DThe Family Rutenbergiaceae (Rutenbergia and Neorutenbergia) in Africa, Madagascar and the MascarenesPaperNewton, Angela E..
30-5July 29th
3:45 pm
MCC, 201DHornwort Phylogeny and Classification RevisitedPaperDuff, R. Joel, Chargill, Chris, Renzaglia, Karen.
30-6July 29th
4:00 pm
MCC, 201DAdditions to SEM determinations of endostome and exostome characteristics in various species of Regmatodon (Regmatodontaceae) and Macrohymenium (Sematophyllaceae) PaperEakin, David A..
36-1July 30th
9:00 am
MCC, 203APhylogenetic affinities of North American populations of Dendriscocaulon based on inferences from variation in the ITS nrDNA sequencesPaperGoffinet, B., Tønsberg, T., Goward, T..
36-2July 30th
9:15 am
MCC, 203ASpecificity and selectivity in lichen symbiosis: photobiont associations shift along a geographic gradient in Cladonia speciesPaperYahr, Rebecca, Vilgalys, Rytas J., DePriest, Paula T..
36-3July 30th
9:30 am
MCC, 203ABiodiversity of North American lichens and lichenicolous fungiPaperFeuerer, T., Esslinger, T. L..
36-4July 30th
9:45 am
MCC, 203AElemental chemistry of Xanthoparmelia scabrosa on roads and sidewalks in New ZealandPaperBennett, James P., Wright, Darrell M..
36-5July 30th
10:15 am
MCC, 203AComparison of lead tolerance potential in Marchantia and Plagiochasma and their application in active biomonitoringPaperSaxena, Anuj.
36-6July 30th
10:30 am
MCC, 203AAre females at an advantage in leaf regeneration in the desert moss Syntrichia?PaperStark, Lloyd R., Nichols II, Lorenzo, McLetchie, D. Nicholas.
36-7July 30th
10:45 am
MCC, 203ACanopy size and the control of water balance in Leucobryum glaucumPaperRice, Steven K., Schneider, Nicole.

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