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620A Bridging Cross to Enhance Genetic Diversity and Sustainability in MaizeGenetics SectionEubanks, Mary W., Reynolds, James F., Riedell, Walter E..
224A Collaboration in Teacher Education: Experimental Botany for TeachersTeaching SectionKarpoff, Arnold J., Kemp, Andrew C..
72A Combined Nuclear and Plastid Gene Phylogeny of Smilax (Smilacaceae, Liliales)Systematics Section / ASPTCameron, Kenneth M., Fu, Chengxin.
157A comparative study of biomass allocation in seed- and ramet-derived plants of Cryptotaenia canadensis (Apiaceae): a monocarpic species of the North American temperate deciduous forestEcological SectionHawkins, Tracy S., Baskin, Jerry M., Baskin, Carol C..
490A comparative study of population genetic variability in eight populations of the endangered vernal pool annual Lasthenia conjugens (Asteraceae)Genetics SectionRamp, Jennifer M, Ranker, Tom A, Collinge, Sharon K.
301A comparison of five approaches to dating when data are not clock-likeDating in the 21st Century: Theory and reality in finding a date for your cladeRenner, Susanne S..
629A Comprehensive and Quantitative Assessment of Belizean Creole Ethnobotany: Implications for Forest ConservationEconomic Botany SectionYoung, Colin A.
66A cycad pollen cone from the Middle Triassic of AntarcticaPaleobotanical SectionKlavins, Sharon D., Taylor, Edith L., Taylor, Thomas N..
310A Floristic Inventory of Isla del Coco, Costa RicaTropical Biology SectionTrusty, Jennifer L., Kesler, Herbert C., Francisco-Ortega, Javier.
598A long-term study on the reproductive biology of the endangered dioecious shrub Corema conradii (Empetraceae): Preliminary notes on post-fire seedling recruitmentEcological SectionMartine, Christopher T., Lubertazzi, David, DuBrul, Andrew.
711A Method for the Isolation of DNA from Field-Collected Rhododendron Leaves Suitable for Subsequent Genetic Evaluation Despite Infection with Fungal EndophytesRecent Topics PostersFord, R. H., Humphries, R.J..
226A molecular phylogeny of the simple thalloid liverwort family Fossombroniaceae (Marchantiophyta) as inferred from the chloroplast genes rps4, trnL and rbcLBryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSForrest, Laura L., Crandall-Stotler, Barbara J., Freire, A. Virginia.
341A new fossil seedling from the Early Cretaceous of South America; unique, well-preserved and closely related to WelwitschiaPaleobotanical SectionRydin, Catarina, Mohr, Barbara, Friis, Else Marie.
483A new generic classification for Bignonieae (Bignoniaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTLohmann, Lucia.
212A phylogeny of legumes (Fabaceae) based on sequences of the plastid matK geneSystematics Section / ASPTWojciechowski, Martin F., Lavin, Matt, Sanderson, Michael J..
335A plant ecologistTransgenic crops: Science, policy, politicsSnow, Allison.
98A preliminary phylogenetic analysis of Piperaceae using chloroplast and nuclear genes: utility of the low copy nuclear PEPC intron within sections Enckeaand Arctottonia of PiperSystematics Section / ASPTStevens, Angela C., Funke, Mindie, Draper, Scottie B., Zadorozhny, Tatiana, Davidson, Christopher, Bornstein, Allan J., Smith, James F..
539A proposed research agenda for botany educationMethods and myths about conducting research in botany educationSundberg, Marshall D., Wandersee, James H..
18A reevaluation of the Late Triassic conifer Pseudohirmerella based on cones, associated leafy shoots and anatomically preserved wood from North AmericaPaleobotanical SectionAxsmith, Brian.
57A tale of two liverworts: The importance of organismal biology as an essential link between molecular and systems biologyAddress of the BSA President-ElectGraham, Linda.
409A taxonomic analysis of Allium tricoccum s.l.Systematics Section / ASPTBell, Rachel A, Ford-Werntz, Donna I.
710A Vascular Flora of the Owens Peak Eastern WatershedRecent Topics PostersFraga, Naomi S..
228Acantheae (Acanthaceae) with an emphasis on relationships among Old World plants with remarkable one-lipped corollasSystematics Section / ASPTMcDade, L. A., Daniel, T. F., Kiel, C. A., Vollesen, K..
118Achene Oil Concentration and Fatty Acid Composition of Helianthus exilis, An Endemic Serpentine Sunflower of CaliforniaPhytochemical SectionSeiler, Gerald J., Gulya, Thomas J..
73Active Learning in the Plant Sciences ClassroomTeaching SectionKleier, Catherine.
227Additional Records and Confirmations to the moss flora of OhioBryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSAtwood, John J., Chuey, Carl F..
517Additions to SEM determinations of endostome and exostome characteristics in various species of Regmatodon (Regmatodontaceae) and Macrohymenium (Sematophyllaceae) Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSEakin, David A..
25AFLP phylogeny of wild tomatoes (Solanum L. section Lycopersicon [Mill.] Wettst. subsection Lycopersicon)Systematics Section / ASPTSpooner, David, Peralta, Iris, Knapp, Sandra.
91Ages of basal angiosperm clades: molecular and paleobotanical evidenceDating in the 21st Century: Theory and reality in finding a date for your cladeSavolainen, Vincent, Crane, Peter, Soltis, Pamela, Soltis, Douglas.
589Allelopathic Effects of Artemisia lavandulaefoliaEcological SectionKil, Bong-Seop, Yoo, Hyun-Gyeong, Kil, Ji-Hyun.
561An analysis of microsatellite locus diversity in Arabidopsis thaliana: mutational dynamics and application Genetics SectionSymonds, V. V., Lloyd, A. M..
209An assessment of the role of multimedia in enhancing student learning in freshman level biology courses Teaching SectionEakin, Dave, Harris, Kelli, Beattie, Ruth.
342Analyses of Richness, Diversity, and Similarity in Seven Xeric Limestone Prairies in the Interior Low Plateaus Physiographic Province in KentuckyEcological SectionLawless, P.J., Baskin, J.M., Baskin, C.C..
100Anatomically preserved tree fern sori from the lower Cretaceous of Vancouver Island Paleobotanical SectionSmith, Selena Y., Rothwell, Gar W., Stockey, Ruth A..
119Anatomically preserved vascular and nonvascular cryptogams from the Lower Cretaceous of western North AmericaPaleobotanical SectionRothwell, Gar, Stockey, Ruth.
383Anatomy and molecular systematics of leafless Vandeae (Orchidaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTCarlsward, Barbara.
540Anatomy of Polystachya (Epidendreae-Orchidaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTHeaney, J Michael.
340Anatomy of the cheirolepidiaceous pollen cone Classostrobus; a new species from the Jurassic of EnglandPaleobotanical SectionMapes, Gene, Rothwell, Gar, Hilton, Jason.
550Andromonoecy and self compatibility in the rare endemic Echeandia texensis (Liliaceae)Systematics Section / ASPTMaher, Shelly D., Hempel, Alice L..
661Andromonoecy in Solanum palinacanthum: the emergence of new variation in patterns of staminate flower productionDevelopmental and Structural SectionRyerson, Kirsten C., Miller, Jill S., Diggle, Pamela K..
27Anti-herbivore defense in male and female bois-dEcological SectionRice, Stanley A..
29Appendages do matter: The phylogeny, evolution, and classification of the genus Globba and tribe Globbeae (Zingibraceae)Systematics Section / ASPTWilliams, Kyle J., Kress, W. John, Manos, Paul S..
631Aquatic Plant Diversity and Use by Two Village Communities in Na Haeo, Northeast ThailandEconomic Botany SectionAmpornpan, Laaw, Dhillion, S.S, Werukamkun, P.
122Architecture , stature, and life cycle of primitive conifers from EuramericaPaleobotanical SectionHernandez-Castillo, G. R., Stockey, R. A., Rothwell, G. W..
210Are Aristolochiaceae monophyletic?Systematics Section / ASPTKelly, Lawrence M., González, Favio.
398Are females at an advantage in leaf regeneration in the desert moss Syntrichia?Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSStark, Lloyd R., Nichols II, Lorenzo, McLetchie, D. Nicholas.
555Are selected species of the genus Neuropogon composed of two different mycobionts?Sex and individuality in lichensStocker-W, Elfie.
172Aspects of root development in GMO cotton and maizeDevelopmental and Structural SectionStiles, Jeffrey C., Wheat, Brian, Foong, Kin, Seago, James L. Jr..
440Aspects of the Morphology and Ultrastructure of the Sporophyte of Sphaerocarpos texanus AustinBryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSJohnson, Eric, Schuette, Scott, Renzaglia, Karen.
456Assessing Aboveground Primary Productivity in Mississippi Gulf Coast Tidal Marshes by Remote SensingEcological SectionWells, Tami, Carter, Gregory, Moncreiff, Cynthia, Caldwell, John.
359Auxin Regulation of Axial Growth in Bryophyte Sporophytes: Its Potential Significance for the Evolution of Early Land PlantsBryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPoli, DorothyBelle, Jacobs, Mark, Cooke, Todd J..

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